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I really didn’t mean to go MIA from this little blog, but somehow real life has taken over in the last few weeks. It’s not that we’re doing anything really exciting that would be great fodder for blog writing. We’re just busy finishing up the school year, soccer season, ballet lessons, and such. We’ve had a really fantastic year, and I suppose I need to do a wrap-up post at some point so that I can have a record for next year’s planning. I’ll get on that.

In the meantime, I’ve come across a few tidbits that I think you’ll find interesting

1. Welch’s Grape Juice to prevent the stomach virus.

I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. But y’all, it worked for us. Apparently Welch’s classic purple grape juice raises the acidity in your intestine enough to kill the stomach virus. You can drink one glass daily to prevent it, or if you’ve been exposed increase your amount to three glasses daily. I can’t promise that it will work for you since we’ve only needed it once. However, last week one of my children had the stomach virus and we guzzled it like nobody’s business. None of the rest of us got the bug. We’re one for one on this remedy.

2. Netflix: You’ve probably all heard about Netflix because it’s been around for years. I was a member years ago when you could check out DVDs and mail them back. Maybe you can still do that as well, but now you can instantly watch shows and movies on your computer. And here’s the thing I love: you can download the app onto your iPhone and watch on your phone. Do you know how I will wear this thing out when I’m waiting at soccer practice, ballet rehearsal, carpool line, and when I can’t sleep at night? Plus, they have children’s movies so that my littles can watch their stuff, too. I’ve had Netflix a week and watched about 15 television shows that I’ve wanted to see, but not had time.

3. Downton Abbey: After the buzz on Facebook and Twitter, I really wanted to see this series. So I queued it up on Netflix and watched all seven episodes of the first series one day when Patti was sick. In fact, I watched it while I drank my grape juice from #1. I ADORE this show and can’t wait to see season 2. Are you all fans?

4. Yesterday I needed to take dinner to a friend who recently had a baby. I knew I wanted to take chicken salad, but wanted a lighter, fruitier salad. I used three chicken breasts, a granny smith apple, a stalk of celery, a cup of green grapes, and a mixture of mayo, poppyseed dressing, and honey. It was really good, and Jonathan requested that I write down the recipe so I could make it again. Ahem. I’ll ignore his implication that I might otherwise forget it. 😉

5. My big girl and I are reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. I almost let her read it on her own because it’s a classic. Surely there’s nothing inappropriate in it, right? Um, hello!!! So glad I decided that I better read it to her. I had no idea about the sexual nature of so many of her diary entries. Great book for learning about life during the holocaust, and I’m glad we’re reading it, but I will freely admit to censoring quite a few pages. It’s my prerogative, and I’m exercising it.

I gotta run put little girls to bed. Y’all have a good night.


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