Our Miracle Treatment for Eczema

My little Pitter Pat has suffered with eczema since she was a baby. And listen, folks, I don’t use the term “suffer” lightly. It has been the biggest source of physical pain and misery she has had in her five years. Her case is especially bad in the summer, though it can flare up in any season. Though the dry air in winter does make it flare, she also has a HUGE reaction to the sunscreen, bug spray, and pool water of summer. Even the sand and salt water of the beach bring on tears of pain, itching, and burning. We have had our fair share of screaming and inconsolability over her eczema, and until now, we haven’t had much of anything with which to treat it. Lotion is okay, but any kind of fragrance only makes it worse. Hydrocortisone clears it up for the moment, but it thins the skin, only making it easier to break out the next time. We’ve tried castor oil, baby oil, Vasoline, Aquaphor, and even Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy cream. They each work in varying degrees to provide a little comfort, but nothing works log-term. As you might imagine, I have done hours of research on the internet, talking to our pediatrician, taking to other parents, and tried each of the many ideas I have gotten from them. Still no real solution.

Until the other day.

I came across the archives of an old chat board for skin issues. It was a LONG archives, but I was desperate after yet another round of tears over burning legs. One entry caught my attention because it was something I’d never tried before.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema

Apple Cider Vinegar for Eczema

The commenter was singing the praises of diluted apple cider vinegar for her child’s eczema. Her story sounded familiar to us, as she’d been through the same battles we have, but she vowed that apple cider vinegar not only treated her child’s eczema, but actually CURED it. Now, I can’t say yet whether it will cure eczema completely, but after trying it, I am also singing the praises of this treatment.

Here’s the deal: Dilute about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with about 3 cups of water. Saturate a cotton ball with the mixture, and apply it to the affected areas. If it is a fresh spot, it’s going to BURN LIKE CRAZY, so be ready to blow on it. However, patches that are a few days old shouldn’t be so bad. Apply it in the morning and again at night. Sure, you’ll smell like vinegar for a while (not too badly), but if you’ve ever dealt with eczema, you won’t care.

Please understand that I am not a medical professional, and this little blog certainly does not give out medical advise. However, I am a mom that has had a miserable child, and I would LOVE to pass on what what worked for us to any other mom out there who has lived with the effects of eczema in their kiddos. If you’ve dealt with this problem and my remedy works for you, I sure would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email to let me know.

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  1. I myself have been suffering from eczema since I can remember (32 yrs) and have yet to come across the cure. My eczema cycles for about 8 weeks with 1 week no flare up. Really not long enough to heal any of the old marks from scratching. But for 1 solid week no intense burning, itching and feeling like your skin is crawling…well you can empathize. When I was little my grandfather (a veterinarian) rubbed some ointment on my patches before I had gone to bed one night that I spent by his home and it eased my pain until the next night which by then I was on the train going home. Now I couldn’t remember what it was and my parents never asked either. Last month though I was in Fleet Farm in the animal isle and came across Dr. Naylor Udder Balm. I opened the cover and it looked the same and smelled the same as what my grandfather had used on me 30 some years ago. Bought it, used it that same night on all of my patches (that cover more then 60% of my body) and the next day no intense itching, burning, bleeding and extreme pain. I have to warn you though it does say for “animal use only” “keep from reach of children”. I rotate every third night between Dr. Naylor Udder Balm, coconut oil and homemade brown sugar scrub with extra virgin olive oil. Just this past week I had an apt with derma and he recommended me to start light therapy once a week. This might not give you any hope for cure but treatment of eczema is so diverse with each individual. I wish you and your daughter all the luck and hope for the future and I pray that she grows out of it.

    • Christine says

      Hey Melanie,
      I use a product that sounds similar to this one for my excema. It’s called “Vermont’s Original Bag Balm”, it comes in a green tin and you can buy it at Target. It’s very greasy but it is a miracle worker for me!

    • Hi I have suffered with eczema for 27 years now since I was born tried everything under the sun as I’m sure you can imagine only now I have
      managed to get a skin specialist to see me (tbh my mum could prob do a better job prescribing me something) I have Been given the usual creams to ease the itching and burning but I am also now on the waiting list to start the light therapy again. I had it when I was about 11 years old but it didn’t really do anything hopefully now I’m older and my body has changed it will help a bit

      I am definitely going to try this diluted vinegar solution thanks for the tip I shall let you know how it goes 🙂


      • Ashley Mills Hill says

        Kayleigh, I certainly do hope it helps you. It sounds as if you have had a terrible time with eczema. Try it for a few days and let me know how you do with it.

        • Jeanette says

          You can also just put two cups of ACV in a bath every night. This works really well with children because it doesn’t burn them. Apple Cider Vinegar is the only real cure for eczema.

          • Hi, my daughter has been suffering from eczema for last 3 and half months, when she was almost 3 months old, she is six months old now, and her eczema is getting worst day by day. I used all kind of oitment, creams, lotions and steroid . Its so sad to see her itching all the time and when I stop her from itching she cries a lot
            I am going to use ACV bath , just want to know that do I need to use any ointment after bath??

          • Putting it in a bath wouldnt do any thing to my lady parts ? I have extremely dry cracked itchy skin and would live to try this but on a cotton ball would take me all day.

          • Ashley Mills Hill says

            You can put it in a spray bottle if that would help cover larger areas. We’ve done that and then just rub it in or pat dry with a towel. But to answer your question, I have used it in my daughter’s bath with no problem.

          • What measurements would you use in the bath?

          • Ashley Mills Hill says

            I used about half of the bottle.

          • I have suffered for a few yrs mainly on my hands, arms , knees , and thighs but now it has moved onto my face and I was wondering If these product would help face eczema as well

          • Anonymous says

            I’m also suffering the same
            Thank you!

          • Hi. Sorry I’m so late but been looking for something to cure my eczema. I’m 19 and I hadn’t had eczema since I was 11 but the last few months it’s completely flared up and gone crazy. This is mainly to reply to Becky. Apple cider vinegar won’t flare up your lady parts, I actually used to bathe with apple cider vinegar about once a week because it restores the balance of your PH, especially down there. So if anything it will help. Haven’t had a bath with it in a while but going to try so it helps with my eczema. Scarring is my main issue. Fingers crossed, haha.

        • How should I do it ? Should I leave it try off. Also can she shower after to take the smell out??

          • Do have some idea that Ezema could be turn into some other disease life threading I have one patch it’s not spreading but skin is dried and thick I use coconut oil

        • How about my daughter she’s in 20’s & her eye lid recently started gets swollen idk why & when she put warm towel gets better do u know anything that might help

          • Also can u reply at your earliest if you or someone knows

          • Ashley Mills Hill says

            Jen, I think you would be safest to see a doctor since it is on her eyelid and is swollen. I’ve never known eczema to swell, so I can’t give advice about that.

          • Can some reply if anyone has a answer???

          • Jen, I recommend you take your daughter to India. When I used to be a kid growing up in India, my dermatologist laughed when I he saw such a simple case of eczema and wrote me creams. I used to be OKin 2 days. I live in Boston now and the eczema has come back. Waiting to go to India soon.

          • Jen, if this is still happening to your daughter, could it be a chalazion? My toddler has had them a couple of times and I’ve got a post on my blog about treatments that worked for us. From what I read while digging for solutions, chalazions are linked to eczema. I don’t know if I’m allowed to link to it here? Anyway, search Google for “3 chalazion treatments” if you think it might be this. Good luck to your daughter.

          • Jen, if this occurs often it’s probably an allergic reacation to something. For me it’s citrus. Try golden seal. Open a caplet and mix it with a cup of very hot/boiling water. Saturate a clean cloth with the mixture and hold it on the closed eye. It takes some time but reduces the inflammation. We’ve done this before bed dozens of times and it’s always worked.

          • My son is 26 and has had it only on his eyelid since he was 10. It flared up during his years of hockey. My grandson inherited it from him and has it worse behind knees. Dermatologist told my son it was common to actually get on eyelid.

          • I use diluted apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball every morning and evening and dab on my eyelids when they are inflamed (helps with itching and heals some of the patches) I then put on rich natural organic eye cream or use coconut oil to moisturizer and protect the sensitive areas. I do this multiple times a day when I have the initial flareup. I started getting eczema and swollen eyes 2 years ago. I do not want to use the cortisone creams around the eye area. I have found the apple cider has helped keep it at bay the longest between flareups. Diet is a huge piece, and I find sugar really triggers a flareup.

          • Blepharitis

          • I had eyelid eczema on and off for 6 years, finally did a patch test through a dermatologist and one of the things I had a reaction to was chromium, which is available as a supplement, and in so many beauty products and vitamins… including the mascara from Origins that I had been using. Changed mascaras and I hardly get eczema on my eye now.

        • my daughter is 29 & suffers badly with eczema & asthma & has just used urea cream on her face & had a bad reaction. You are right about cortisone creams thin the skin & don’t work effectively after awhile. I will pass the vinegar treatment onto her & yes light treatment worked when she was young around 14.

          • I get flare ups around my eyes that are so bad they pull my eye out of shape. I dab organic apple cider vinegar on the spots with cotton batting and see relief by the next day.

          • Lacey Dunlop says

            I am 26 years old and I suffer with eczema and sports asthma I have food allergies most ppl that get eczema have food allergies I use bag balm and apple cider vinegar steroid cream doesn’t work for me!

          • Buy high-dosed Vitamin D3 and take 5000 IU/day.
            I suffered from asthma/allergies for a total of 20 years. Came across D3 related to another ailment (bone pain), bought it, and – got rid of both pain and allergic asthma! Google this Sunshine vitamin, you will certainly fall in love with it and experience the same success like me! Guaranteed! My asthma attacks were so bad that I had to be hospitalized, receiving i.v. aminophylline etc. Now at the age of 52, I feel better than with 30. SUN=LIFE and it is related to 3000 processes in our body, i.e. the lack of vitamin D leads to countless diseases. And – we are all deficient – no need to do a test.

        • Hi, i am trying the vinegar on my skin too. my dermatitis which is around my mouth. Its so embarrassing. I have beautiful brown skin except around my mouth area. I was great until that one day i woke up and bam, there it was. Looking at me like it belong there, and I hate it, but its there so now i just have to get rid of it. Tride everything. Ointments seem to irritate my skin, I cannot use any ointments such as olive oil, coconut oil. These make my face go crazy.

          • It may be your fluoride toothpaste causing it. I get pruritus eczema from mine.

          • Google the effects of fluoride on skin!!! Could be toothpaste and or mouthwash!!!

          • I’m 35 and have lived with eczema since I was a baby. I recently discovered micellar water from Mychelle, and that has helped heal my face a ton. That, and only washing my face with purified warm water. No soaps or cleansers, just the addition of a gentle exfoliation once a week. I like Eminence strawberry rubbard exfoliating powder and Infinate Aloe microdermabrasion.

        • My granddaughter has atopic eczema she is almost 15 months old. We have tried everything for her but I will be trying this thank you

          • Hi, How did the Apple cider vinegar work out for your granddaughter? Did it get rid of her eczema?
            I hope so!

        • I will be trying this!! My three year old suffers terribly and I hate it for her!!

          • Hi, How did the Apple cider vinegar work out for your 3 year old? Did it get rid of her eczema?
            I hope so!

      • Hello. My son is 8 years old he has had eczema when he was 3 months old. His skin was very bad. I was new to the illness. I listen to doctors. Two years ago healthy concious friend told me try to change his diet. I started research when I read how bad stereoids are I was shaken. Since then I have stopped giving him dairy products, no crisps. Chocolate or buiscuits only rarely.
        I read food good for eczema are bananas, chicken broth, flaxeseed
        and seeds. In the bath I put magnesium flakes and salt from dead sea makes his skin smooth it has lots of minerals. Since changing his diet i can see his skin improved he stopped itching. His skin flares up rarely.
        before i had to cream him 5 times a day with epaderm now morning and evening. When is holiday we go to the seaside we stay for a 3 weeks. Then his eczema is gone for 2 months his skin is smooth I don’t need to cream it. My friend brought me a Apple Cider Vinegar. She said it’ s good. After reading your comments I will try to use ACV

        • Hi 2hat does avc mean. I have a newborn 5 weeks he developed it on his face and u per body looks very painfull. I had the condition aswell

        • Anonymous says

          Glad to hear someone mentioned no milk products. When my son was about 6 months old (about the time I stopped nursing) son developed a rash that started behind the knees followed by many ear infections. Rashes all over legs etc. Tried everything we knew wasn’t until he was a teen s nurse on tv mention about milk allergy!! Years later taking a friend to the dentist I overheard one of the staff talking about her infant son with multiple ear infections and bad rash, doctors wanted to put tubes in his ears. I shared my story and she thanked me. Several months later revisiting the office she bout knocked me down to tell me what happened. Took her son off milk and ear and skin issues vanished. Afew months later told her babysitter to give him some milk just to see what would happen and a couple hours later his skin broke out!! Son has a little girl now and Dr. told him it was baby eczema, my foot, took her off milk and rash gone!! Hope this could be helpful to someone!

          • How long after no longer using dairy did it help? When my daughter had her first really bad breakout, my doctor thought it might be a food allergy, so we took her off dairy, gluten, eggs, and a number of other foods until we could get in with a dermatologist. When we saw the dermatologist about 4 weeks later, she had not improved at all. He suggested that none of those foods were a cause and to keep feeding them to her. Should we have continued to avoid them for longer than that? She’s 3 1/2 and has been suffering with eczema for about 3 years, and I would love to find something that gave her relief besides the steroid cream!

        • Thanks Ashley

      • Did it work

    • My son suffers from this and has since he was about 8mo.old he is now 4. and it has gotten worse i used the Vermonts bag balm and it helped for about a month. Then it didnt work anymore i have used everything i know. Nothing helps. He is miserable!! so much pain,burning,itching. I have found a shampoo in the baby isle called burts bees and it has helped some but as long as i give him a bath in it every night he dont itch as bad,but its still there and he still has the itching and burning. I just tried this vinager and water im praying it helps

    • Anonymous says

      My baby is suffering from eczema as well. I’m wondering why I’m this century there is no enough help for people with eczema. I’m so disappointed. I mean Psychological help, medical help…

      • Hello my son and daughter suffering eczema for how many years, but I gave them Zeal Cleanse it’s clear after three. If you’re interested please email me. [email protected]

        • Where do you get zeal cream

        • Anonymous says

          I have derrmatatis on my legs for so many years. I had try everything, but nothing works for me. I heard about that vinegar before but I didn’t pay any attention. Now I’m going to try out. I know it does work. It also is good for your hair, especially your losing or have fine hair( thin). My daughter use it all the time and she got beautiful hair.

      • Elaine Koeppel says

        I have learned through my eczema that it is internal If you can change your diet and make your body more Alkaline it does help. Most people think that if you put something on the outside of your body that it will someday be a cure. Do a total body detox. You can purchase this at a health food store. It will take any where from 2 weeks to several months depending on how long you have had eczema. I have bought an ionizer. It is a water filter that as the water runs through it it adds oxygen. Oxygen is then carried to the blood and heals the body. Also Garlic will help a lot.

    • What is the recipe for the homemade brown sugar and olive oil. Lotta 85-year-old father is suffering from this eczema. I would appreciate some help. My email is [email protected]

    • Anonymous says

      Stop using scrubs or you will never break the eczema cycle!

    • Yep! Bag Balm! It’s lanolin. We grew up on a farm and then a dairy. We had this stuff in our medicine cabinet always, as did my grandparents. It’s good for everything affecting the skin. In fact, I’m going to go get some more this weekend. Good luck all!

    • I realize this is an old post and I don’t know how many people will still read this but I’m writing this to benefit anyone who still does. I have read all the comments and can’t believe that in so many people not one of you know the real cause and treatment for eczema. Eczema is caused by a sick digestive system and malfunctioning gut. Undigested foods and harmful bacteria leak out of the gut and into the bloodstream causing eczema as well as A.D.D., A.D.H.D., autism, asthma, schizophrenia, anxiety, and more. Creams and topical treatment will help relieve the burn and itch for a short while but the only way to truly heal eczema forever is by following a special gut healing diet. The GAPS diet is so far the only diet with an amazing success rate for treating and healing all of the above. Google it, go to their website, and read the book. It will change your life forever.
      Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to anything GAPS related. I just suffered immensely with my daughter before finding out about this healing diet and I’d love to share my success story with the world.

      • Hello! I am a 23 year old girl from Brooklyn New York who has suffered from eczema, severe seasonal allergies (which I did immunotherapy shots for), chronic respiratory and sinus infections, uti’s/yeast infections, and then began to show signs of an autoimmune disease called Lupus when i was 20 years old.

        Anyway i also tried many a prescribed creams and such and natural remedies of which raw braggs apple cider vinegar (not any store brought ACV because it will not have the good probiotics in it that are the main component in healing both internally and externally—the probiotic is that fuzzy cloudy stuff you see on the bottle of true apple cider vinegar)

        However as MIR above has stated you will never cure your eczema this way. I started on the GAPS heal your diet roughly 8 months ago. I started with the introduction diet 3 months prior to the spring season where i blow up like a ballon suffering from pollen, grasses, trees-you name it! When i started the diet I also got off my allergy shots. Here comes the shocking part! This past spring season I experienced just a sniffle and an itch here and there and thats all!

        About 6 months into the diet my eczema completely cleared up. There is a lot of detoxing that has to go on in the body to get rid of these chronic health issues.

        It is crucial that anyone trying to fix almost all health issues begins with rehealing our gut and gut flora (and by gut i mean our entire digestive track). PLease look up GAPS by Natasha McBride it will truely change your life. Even psychological illnesses are attacked and treated only by looking at the activity of the brain, as apposed to looking at the very structures of the body that function to provide the energy and nutrients needed for every cell in our body.

        I really stress research in this! Also osteopathy, including cranio sacral therapy is another healing to look into. Especially for upper respiratory issues. From what i have seen, friends and little kids whom have eczema usually end up suffering from lots of cases of ear infections, throat infections, green snotty colds and more.

      • im just going to have a bath and try it thanks for all your advice xxx

      • I’m all ears if you want to share!

    • mamanugget says

      My son is 8 months old and have eczema as well to. How do i give the acv bath to him ? do i bath him with his soap and then apply the treatment? or do i bath him with just the treatment? after that do i apply lotion or no lotion. please details.

    • I learned via extensive internet research that “candida overgrowth” due to gluten intolerance is the base cause of eczema and psoriasis … therefore, the ACV is indeed the only real cure. Drink it daily (and spray it topically also), and kick the gluten, which is “hidden” in everything nowadays, sadly.

      • Bragg’s ACV is by far the very best. Read their website for directions on dosage. A miracle!

    • Patrice Williams says

      Wheat can also be a culprit… Wheat and oat. Diet is a very big part with my 15 month old. I notice smooth skin when strictly feeding high fruit and veggie diet… No dairy, wheat or oats… However, the skin must be treated for healing even after diet changes and it must be consistent. ACV baths work… Regular Vaseline works too. Free and clear detergents work for child and family in the home. Decrease use of un natural perfumes and fragrances.

    • There is no cure for an autoimmune disease like we have eczema. However, stress can be a BIG culprit. hot to cold temps, synthetic leggings, latex, eggs, caffiene, chocolate, Sugar a big enemy as it causes yeast in the body which triggers off eczema . most skin drs dont say it but a homeopath dr will. yeast causes diseases and fungi is bad.fungi food like peanuts big offense. yes they are a legume really and get mold hence the recalls on molds that kill children opt for almond butter.nut grow on trees are safe but ground legume aka peanuts are not.
      . use a soap free lye free product. most soaps have lye. I gave up coffee the itching and out breaks hault . I use nivea for men soap free. its liquid. or i use oatmeal and olive oil soap. I tried utter balm and its ok. any cream with dimethecone is ok too. The vinegar i use for itching. yes it stops itching. vs the expensive cortisone creams which thins out the skin. so stop cortaid everyone. use vinegar or a dilution of organic peppermint oil with coconut oil 1-4 ratio peppermint is an anti itch. . avoid caffeine and chocolate. and sugar. epsom salt 1 cup and cedarwood oil baths are great and for skin and bergomot oil in a tub 10 drops heals skin. bergomot is what they put in earl grey tea google it its good for skin and im proof. i dilute my own with coconut oil to soothe on skin.

    • Have anyone tried drinking ACV to help with eczema?

    • Anonymous says

      I started drinking one fourth a cup, or at least 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and Chase it with a glass of water,trick of not tasting it is don’t breathe right away. Anyway got rid of my egzema completely!! I haven’t broken out when I drink that vinegar!

    • Christy N. says

      If you can get your hands on some fresh seaweed, after you clean it, stuff it in a bottle of ACV. Keep it in the dark for about 6 weeks. After that you can pour some onto a cotton ball and rub it on the affected area a couple times a day. After about a week my eczema clears up.

    • Bag balm. It was made in 1899. It’s a green, square tin. It’s like a salve. Kinda looks like a dirty yellow wax. Very thick. I use ACV pure, followed by bag balm. It was originally used for cows’ udders. Farmers raw hands got better and then the whole home started using it. I’ve heard it has a product in it that is a relative of coal tar. Mainly it is like vaseline and lanolin though. Miracles! If you don’t care for the greasy feel, this isn’t for you. If your eczema is severe enough, you wont care. It feels great! It’s for human or animal use. Bless!

    • My son has eyelid eczema and it’s been extremely hard he is 9 and kids are mean or look at him weirdly he gets embarrassed as it’s not a area you can cover only luck I had was o’ keiffes eczema lotion/cream but it doesn’t last it will flare up he’s very active and loves outdoors I’ve searched and looked into lots of creams and habits to get into or change in daily life style while filling it’s just one big cycle of ending up where we started . And being it’s on his eyelids it’s very thin skin as is so hard to treat I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I’d sure take it so he didn’t have too

  2. I have heard of this also, but haven’t tried it consistently. My daughter who struggles with eczema is 5 also, and has struggled off and on since she was a baby. Probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago, I decided to try the hazelwood necklaces from http://www.hazelaid.com, and they have made a world of difference for her! She wears them constantly and I usually have to buy a new one about once a year. Many types of eczema are caused by too much acid in the body and the hazelwood on this necklace absorbs acid from the body. It took a few weeks of wearing the necklace to start working, but my daughter has only had probably two mild breakouts since then, and I think it was when a necklace started to lose it’s effectiveness and needed to be replaced.

    I imagine that is why the apple cider vinegar works also, since it balances the acidity of the body. So glad you have found something to help your daughter. I will keep it in my file for future use also! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sarah, can a child that has eczema and food allergies to tree nuts still benefit from the hazelwood products without having an allergy attack?
      We have tried the ACV and it worked for about a week and now it’s back again. We are tired of the steroid med. that change the skin color and make the skin thin.
      We need help, my grandson’s (10yr. old) body is being over taken by the eczema, and it’s spreading fast.

      • I would say he should see a holistic dr at this point they will be able to tell you foods your body doesn’t agree with even when they aren’t tech. Allergic on a blood panel to certain things medical dr will disagree that eczema is a flare up from your body rejecting the food your eating but it’s your bodies way of telling you that there are toxins wanting to come out both mh son and me suffer from eczema he is on a strict gluten free diet (diagnosed celiacs) and extremely limited amounts of dairy. And since removing dairy and gluten his eczema has been very very manageable and now has gone away completely also Shea butter helps like the Shea butter you buy that looks like a block of soap you can look on Amazon for it and Google recipes on how to make it with coconut oil and almond oil into a body whip at home it’s very very easy and costly up front but makes such a large lasting quantity it’s worth the initial investment. But diet is def. Key I break out when I eat a lot of sugar wheat and processed foods even though I tech don’t have any allergies to wheat sugar or processed foods. Hope this helps. I know we tend to go great length once we become desperate enough for a cure.

        • I agree with what you are saying about diet. My son has dealt with eczema since he was a baby. He is allergic to pasteurized dairy products and a few other things. When he eats them his legs, arms and torso break out terribly. Everyone here should look into their diets and see what could be causing the flare-ups.

        • We also went to a holistic chiropractor for my sons eczema. She practiced applied kinesiology. We removed dairy, corn, and gluten from his diet and did a laser light therapy on him. He cleared up within 6 months! It’s been 4 years and we are starting to break out again. Time to remove those foods from his diet again. Had an amazing dr in Charlotte, NC, but have since moved and can’t find anyone close.

        • Hi guys I’m having the same issue with my 9 months old baby if any parents could contact me and share they story’s and pictures I really need help please

      • Hello my kids was suffering eczema for many years but when I found a natural Cleanse called Zeal Cleanse after three days it’s cleared up thier skin. Please email me [email protected] for more info.

      • You can actually become addicted to the steroid creams and injections. You can google it. I’m trying this now and my hands are on fire but they have flared up at 2 in the morning.

        • Elaine Koeppel says

          The steroid creams thin the skin down each time they are used my skin started bleeding in spots

      • I thought the same thing when I used ACV that it didn’t work for long, but my mistake was using the ACV and steroids together. I have stopped using the steroid and only using the ACV it is working wonders. I do an ACV bath for my son every other day and apply diluted ACV when ever I see him itching, it’s been almost a week now and we’re getting there.
        Also Calendulis plus cream by Graham, it’s expensive but worth it.

        Steroids make eczema worse stop using it. Also you should get allergy tested to know if it is anything to do with the your food.

        • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one doing acv baths every other day. I was feeling a little concerned that I was over doing it. I keep reading about people only doing them twice a week but that wasn’t enough to clear our daughters eczema. It wasn’t until we began doing them every other day that we saw improvement.

          I’d like to share our routine in case it might help someone. We give our daughter a 15 minute lukewarm bath every night (I use a kitchen timer). We alternate between an acv and plain water bath every day. Once a week after a plain water soak we use Exederm baby eczema wash or Vanicream bar soap. Both soaps are usually available at CVS or Walgreens. She now only get nickel sized or smaller single patches on her knees or elbows a couple of times a week versus half of her back or all over her legs and arms.

          I’d also like to note that I think all soaps were causing her to have more break outs. I had literally tried 3/4 of all the soaps on the National Eczema Association list before doing the acv baths and it wasn’t until then that I realized she had more patches after a soap bath than before the bath.

          • Stephanie says

            What soap do you use when you are giving the ACV bath?

          • My daughter is 18 and has not outgrown eczema. Read about the adv and will surely give it a try. It’s really heartbreaking seeing her suffer. Thanks for giving me hope.

    • Hi, I second the hazelwood necklace. I thought I was reading a post that my daughter was commenting on, since your story is so similar to my granddaughters. Hazelwood necklace works great” We now make them ourselves and replace them every 2 to 3 months. We have removed gluten and dairy and her skin is so much better. She also uses my Ecztreme skin lotion that I make and no baths, only showers. Once she eats gluten it begins to come back. She wrote a blog post about it here at http://www.thepregnantmermaid.co

  3. My daughter has always suffered, as you are describing. Last year I bought a grain mill and now I mill all of our flour and make all of our bread products (loaf bread, rolls, tortillas, etc) and that cured it within 48 hours. Nearly a year of NO excema at all!

    • Kendra, what is it about store bought bread and flour that causes eczema? My two sons have it and I’ve been wondering about dietary causes.

      • You might want to test them for Celiac! I have a terrible eczema outbreak every single time I get contaminated by wheat. It’s just awful.

      • Just had food allergy testing on my son and yes food is a major player in eczema! Which I always knew he broke out with acidic foods, but didn’t know how many other foods were causing it. We went in only for bad reactions to shellfish but now know the other foods causing it. Eggs were causing him a lot of breakouts and I read eggs are a very common allergy with eczema. I have been keeping a food journal on him and can tell other triggers that weren’t on the list.

        • Read through all the comments, It was like hearing my own story with very few variations. My eczema got so bad it got to a point I could no longer eat bread, cow milk, eggs and a lot of things seemed to cause the flares. I detoxed for 10 days drinking a lot of green juice and that cleared my skin..yaaaay. then once I started eating the eczema came back again!! So I met this doctor who explained that a lot of food allergies and eczema is often caused by build up of yeast in out body as well as environmental toxicity. so the advice was to focus on a yeast free diet, also avoid sodas, milk, fruit juices, candies, bagels, bread, etc. Have a 40% protein diet. She also recommended a yeast detox regimen which includes Isotonix products.I have been taking for the last 2 weeks. So far no new flares and old scars are healing.

          • liz, I am in my late 20s and still suffering from constant eczema flares. Testing recently indicated that I have a yeast allergy so I have cut out bread, soy sauce, beer/wine, etc. but it hasn’t helped very much. Do you know of any good websites/resources to eliminate yeast from the diet?

          • May I ask what are the isotonix products that you are or were taking?
            I have been suffering from ezcema for about 15years.
            Recently started on Isotonix products however, there were major flare ups. Hence would like to check if you experienced such situation?

          • T, I take a product that gets rid of yeast in the body. I’d be glad to give you more info if you’re interested!

      • Definitely food related, Gut issues.

      • Roundup. Farmers use Roundup to kill the wheat before harvest. It’s insane that the FDA allows them to do this. I can’t afford to buy purely organic foods but if I could I would start with bread and pasta.

      • Acv works because it reduces the yeast on the skin which is what can make eczema worse. People with eczema have broken skin sometimes and that is what let’s the normal yeast that exists on skin get under the natural barrier. Yeast allergies can also make eczema worse.

  4. I will have to try this! Crabtree & Evelyn gardeners cream works amazing you should try it!

  5. I will try this right away, thank you for sharing. I find coconut oil helps too, of course only for the day, but it does feel better for that time. Thanks again.

  6. I tried your suggestion and it worked! THANK YOU! Was so nice to be at work and not itching. I’ve passed this info onto everyone I could. Anyone who suffers from Eczema should know about this simple cheap treatment. Bye bye steroid ointment.

    • thehillhangout says

      So happy for you, Carolyn!

      • For how long is this mixture usable or do I need to make a fresh one every time? Thanks for this tip I just started using it on my daughter!

        • thehillhangout says

          I don’t know how long it will last, but we use it until it’s gone. No need to make a fresh solution every time.

          • I would love to get your input on this! My daughter will be 2 next month, and has all of a sudden broke out with eczema on both butt cheeks. It is a horrible place to have it, with her diaper rubbing all the time. We have been to numerous doctors, tried a ton of steroid creams, and even antibiotics….and nothing has worked. Do you thing this vinegar would be okay to try on her bottom? I would love to give it a try and for it to work!! Thanks!

          • thehillhangout says

            Jesse, I am a mom and not a doctor. I can’t give you medical advice. However, if it was my child, I would stop the steroid creams, as they thin the skin and make it easier for rashes to break out. I would also try the apple cider vinegar trick – just make sure you dilute with water enough that it doesn’t burn. That’s a bad place to feel the burn. Let me know how it works.

          • Please ask your doctor about this, but my baby got what I thought was a diaper rash and it turned out to be yeast. The doctor gave me a cream for it and it disappeared in 3 days. The cream will not hurt the baby so it is worth a try even if the doctor is not certain. Do not use cortisone on the baby.

          • Jennifer L. says

            @Jesse and Diane: My 18-month-old had a mighty red yeast rash on her bum and I added ACV to the bath water a few times and it went away immediately. I am going to try it again on a rash that she always gets on her chin. I am glad I found this article to remind me how great ACV is in treating skin stuff! 🙂 Yes–if you have a toddler with a rashy bum, pour some in the tub. It’s a fairly cheap remedy and a 1/4 cup in the bath isn’t going to hurt anything and might just help.

          • My Grandson, i think have TOPTIC DERM. ECZEMA, Do you think ACV,will help him?

            My grandson, I think have toptic derm.eczema,Do you think ACV,might help him,He gets on his feet red hot looking and painful and it gets on his body to and face,we are having a hard time right now with under his eyes oooping ,red ,i know i can;t put avc on his face being this bad.But when it is at it;s best and the avc is dulued,if it gets in his eyes will it hurt him?

  7. I have suffered from eczema for the longest time. And when you say “suffering”, believe me I UNDESTAND. I am 21 years old and am so self conscious because of this annoying condition. I have tried everything like you said and yes they all work some degree. The only thing that has worked for me is prednisone, which is a prescribed steroid! It is awful for your bones and causes them to break down. I am only prescribed it when my eczema is at it’s worse…which sadly happens too often ( i think). So, with that being said I am SOOOO excited to try this and am praying on all the lucky stars it works. Just the other day a girl in class asked me if it was contagious ( how rude) and I wanted to scream. Finally someone understands this pain, even if i’ll never meet you! Thank you thank you thank you. Hope it works for me!


    • thehillhangout says

      I pray that it works well for you. It has been great for us.

    • I am 22 and have also suffered from severe eczema since I was very young, primarily on my legs and hands. I too am very self conscious about it and struggle to find alternatives to wearing shorts on hot summer days. I will certainly try this remedy and thank you both for sharing. It is nice to know that I am not alone although I often feel like it. Also, I must recommend a gluten-free diet. I was told 8 years ago that what I believed had always been “sever eczema” was actually dermatitis herpetiformus…pretty much an allergic reaction to gluten. Going gluten-free has cleared up about 50% of my eczema, although it is definitely not gone (possible due to false gluten-free labels and poor food regulations, my skin conditions have always been the best whilst abroad). I would still recommend going gluten free to anyone with eczema but will try this remedy for what is still leaving me hiding beneath my jeans in the summertime. Praying for healing. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

      • I am 23 and is suspecting that I have an Eczema as well, I have consulted a doctor but they say I have some sort of allergy (whatever) but my suspicion is getting stronger. I’ve been reading blogs and websites about skin diseases and I am positive with all the signs and symptoms of Eczema. Actually right now I have flares (I believe) and the feeling is awful. My condition started when I used stockings, I was then 16 years old after that the so called flares kept on coming back. My flares are worst when its cold as my skin becomes too dry. I lost confidence with myself as well and my condition is really frustrating. It’s silly how other people laughs at those who have Eczema, as if the sufferer really asked for it. I’ll be seeking another doctor for second opinion. I would like to know what you think about drinking a diluted ACV in water? I have read about that too.

        • Ashley Mills Hill says

          I haven’t given my daughter ACV to drink, but I have done it myself. I don’t have eczema, so I cannot comment on its efficacy for treating it, but I do believe that it has many health benefits. I try to use ACV in cooking (especially salad dressings) as often as I can. Hope it helps you.

        • it won’t hurt for you to drink it everyday

      • Good morning Becca, like you my grandson has eczema so bad and it seems to be spreading all over his body. He also has food allergies of almost everything and more seem to be popping up everyday.
        Can you recommend a good gluten free diet for him, he is 10 years old and the skin is so bad that other children make fun of him. He tries to act like what the other children say about doesn’t hurt his feelings, but I can see that it does, and he is wanting to play alone more and more.
        Please help him

        • Elaine Koeppel says

          this sounds like a overgrowth of candida. Sweet things and breads and starches that turn to energy like sugar feed the candida and then it appears to be food allergies. eliminate all starches and cows milk and almond milk has a bigger amount of calcium in it than milk and it is from nuts. when a eczema continues to spread on the body it is because it is live and it feeds on what you eat. It gives you food cravings of what it likes to eat.
          go more to vegetarian and take a total body cleanse. It can be found in the health food stores. It is the only thing that can beat this. Putting creams on the surface of the skin only help temporarily because it is not near the source

    • I also drink Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and water. It might help you also. I warm up a mug of water, put 1 TBSP of ACV and 1 TBSP of honey in and mix it up. It doesn’t taste great, but you get used to it. I don’t mind it at all anymore. It will help with the over production of yeast in your body which causes a lot of these symptom’s. You might want to give it a try it has helped me a lot. Also, use ACV with the mother. ( It will say that right on the label)

      • I am so glad I came across this site. I will try this shortly as I am up 2 in the morning suffering (itching, burning, dry and now swollen skin, mostly my hands). I’m praying this works because this is making it hard for me to do my job (cleaning houses).

    • I would love to hear an update.

  8. Kindy Fitzwater says

    My Seven year old has has excema since he was a baby so I have tried EVERYTHING. We have tried all the oils and creams suggested by docs, and nothing helps. About a year ago my mother in law was babysitting and tried some stuff called bee bar she used in her cracked feet. It worked better than anything (even steroid creams). I order it online from honey house naturals. It’s a bar u rub on the affected area so its easy, and its completely natural! I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar also. Seems like it may help a lot with the itching. Good luck!!

    • Elaine Koeppel says

      this may be a glutin intolerance. try to eliminate the breads and cereals and other foods that might be causing this

  9. My 7 month old has had eczema for a couple months. After trying all the creams under the sun I decided to cut things out of my diet (since I’m breast feeding) dairy, gluten and eggs specifically. After 4 days the eczema was almost gone!!! I was shocked. I don’t know yet which of the foods is the culprit but it might be both the dairy and gluten. I also started drinking ACV daily. I highly suggest trying diet change.

    • It’s been 3 years now since you commented. Please tell me, has your child outgrown the eczema? my baby is almost 10 months now has been suffering from eczema. Since she was 2 months. in between it was gone for 2 months but had severe flare-up recently. I would like to know if eliminating the above mentioned helped cure completely or not.

  10. (also not a doctor, “just” a mom also of an allergic kid) This sounds more like treating yeast, and maybe stripping the skin of the soaps and oils that have landed on her skin, trapping the allergens in her own oils. An excematic child is prone to yeast and bacterial infections, which makes it hard to heal from a flare up even when the allergen is no longer on the skin. Vinegar sounds like it 1) eliminates the allergen 2) eliminates the yeasts/bacteria that are growing on the damaged spots, and 3) heals the skin to build resistance against those yeasts etc.. Sounds like apple cider is a great solution, if your child is willing to go through the stinging pain, I wonder if the cider would be therapeutic enough at an even lower amount per cup of water? There were some creams that my son would scream when we put it on. So we basically did antibacterial ointment which did not sting, and after a couple days, the mometasone or triamsinolone would not burn so much…wonder if he would endure the cider better esp if we diluted it more at first until it wasn’t so stingy…food for thought! thank you!

  11. I also suffered terribly with eczema for years. My dermatologists through the years gave me creams and ointments, but it never really went away until one day when I was in my early 30s I was treated with a steroid pack for poison ivy. Like a miracle, not only the poison ivy went away, but all traces of the eczema. The great part is I am in my mid fifties now and it has never returned!

  12. My fiancée has had horrible eczema all his life, and he’s had that same problem with lotions working for a quick fix, but not long term. I’ll definitely be telling him about this so he can give it a shot. 🙂

    • Elaine Koeppel says

      Applying creams to the surface of the skin will not get to the cause of the eczema. It is internal and needs to be cleared out of the body by using a total body cleanse. This clears the liver, kidneys, and blood. and the lymph glands. This makes the body clean inside and therefore can put off the eczema

  13. My son has had eczema since he was 6 weeks old and he is now 3. His eczema is from the top of his head down to his toes. I also have tried all kinds of different creams/lotions and soaps and nothing had worked. I was told about hazelwood necklaces so I bought one for him and one for his little sister who also has eczema. I have noticed great improvement in both of them and he even says his owies are gone! They have only had their necklaces for two weeks

    • I have been fighting eczema now for a little over 4 yrs., since my trip to Haiti in 2010. For the first 34 yrs of my life, I never had an issue. It wasn’t until I came back after 2 months, then that’s when it happened. I have been to every doctor, and it seemed to me that they didn’t know what I had. So I had to use prescribed meds to help it out, it did for a little while. I just don’t know what to do. It itches, burns, and leaks fluid. If those necklaces work for the rash as well as the ACV does, then how do you stop the leakage.

      • Use diluted ACV to soak infected areas…like 50/50 will burn for sure but stops itching and leaking…that’s what I’ve done for my hands dries the leaking and heals it …but also a must after I put raw shae butter and it’s getting better…make sure to keep the areas moisturized…repeatedly must keep moisturizing or it will dry too much and break open and start leaking again…Hope this helps you!

  14. Just started trying this, did you use lotion afterwards or no?

    • thehillhangout says

      Yes, Brooke. I usually do the Aveeno eczema cream afterward.

      • I came across this site while doing research for a natural way to treat the redness of adult eczema and atopic dermatitis. With regard to your experience with the diluted ACV mixture, how long did it take for you to see noticeable results? While I do not suffer much with itchiness, I do have red splotches that I’m wanting to see relief from. I was prescribed several ointments by my dermatologist, all steroid-based, but stopped using them because of the side effects.

  15. I am 23 years old and have had eczema my whole life. I find that when the eczema gets weepy (wet) it is a yeast over growth. Apple cider does work, it also works great for dandruff. ( one gallon of water, two cups apple cider vinegar. rinse hair in solution and you will see how much dandruff loosens up and sinks to the bottom)
    I will be trying to take probiotics to help balance the yeast growth on my skin. Coconut oil is also a great source to kill yeast overgrowth. Thanks for the post!

  16. I just tried your tip on my 2 year old daughter. She has eczema ever since she was able to eat more solid foods. Ive heard great things from people who use probiotic powder, omega 3 oil and stay away from gluten or wheat. Its been very hard for me to stay away from wheat though as i find its in alot of foods and my daughter loves her bread! I think im going to try gluten free breads and try to stay away from wheat products though. My daughter used to suffer from dry itchy red eyes recently for the past few months. My cousins daughter suffered from the same thing and it went away within in a WEEK of changing our laundry detergent. We use Tide Free and Gentle now and i cant believe how amazing her eyes look now! Never would have thought it was her detergent but glad we found out. God bless everyone. I hope we can all find a cure!

  17. Speakaboo says

    I’ve been trying this, but didn’t realize you were supposed to dilute it (duh!) so the eczema totally scaled over and is now dry and patchy and make-up resistant. I look terrible!

    One thing that’s always worked well for me in the past is lanolin. You can buy Lanisoh brand, which is marketed as a nipple cream for nursing mothers. Warning – it is messy and sticky. This is definitely a bedtime ritual, unless you don’t mind going out with a sheen on your face! Anytime I’ve used it in the past, it clears everything up within a week. I picked some up to combat the dryness after the apple cider vinegar mishap. I slather it onto the spots at night, and they are MUCH calmer by morning.

    I think the ACV works well to “kill” the eczema patch, and the lanolin works really well for clearing up the burning, itchy dryness afterwards, and does NOT sting at all!

    • There’s nothing wrong with using undiluted ACV. The only reason to dilute it is to reduce the stinging, but that also reduces the speed at which it works. More stinging = faster healing, in my experience. The ‘scaled over’ is like scabbing, it’s part of the healing process if your eczema was bad/deep/raw enough to need it.

      • PS: I also lightly use undiluted ACV for itch relief on other areas of skin that are just itchy, with no eczema-broken skin, and it is actually a bit moisturizing there (and doesn’t sting at all).

      • Hello Ann. My 2.5 year old son has terrible eczema. Used steroids which thinned skin, lots of creams didn’t work. Have been using ACV in bath for 3 days now and the skin has become very dry and coarse. Is this supposed to happen? We moisturise with coconut oil but the skin is now so dry that the coconut oil disappears straight away . He is still scratching a lot at night and first thing in the morning. Am giving him probiotics and 1 teaspoon of virgin olive oil in porridge every day. Any suggestions most welcome! Thank you.

        • Anonymous says

          Try almond oil or another kind because I’ve heard that coconut oil eventually dries out the skin, that’s why people day to use it for cradle cap because it dries and flakes off for an easy removal.

  18. Interesting. Both of my boys suffer from it, the way it sounds your daughter does. We’ve been using the eucerin and hydrocortisone for really bad flare ups. Like you said, it isn’t a long lasting fix. We have learned that if we apply the eucerin right after they have a warm bath, it works the best for the next 24 hours, because their skin is more absorbent. So, have you noticed if you apply the vinegar after a warm bath it is more effective? I might have to try this out! A miracle would be great! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • thehillhangout says

      Hi, Kelli! Yes, we always apply our Aveeno cream right after a warm bath, as the bath itself seems to be a trigger for my daughter. I apply the ACV first and then the Aveeno. However, I apply the ACV at other times as well, and it seems to be just as effective.

  19. Eczema can be a very uncomfortable condition to have. We have been investing a lot of time understanding the link between fast food and junk food. We recommend you read it :


    It may help prevent flair ups 🙂

  20. Jane Muringe says

    my son hs eczema on his face since last yr. he hs patches on his face which really make him miserable. he scratces himself most of the time. i am going to try the apple cider vinegar for it. thank u for sharing your experience with me. i hope it will help my son too.

  21. Tiffany koester says

    Was just wondering how long did it take using this before you saw results or any clearing up of the eczema or any relief? I’ve tried it on my 3 yr old but it seems to be drying it up and making it worse. Just wondering if that was common. If you could email me back that would be great. Thank you

  22. Hi there

    May I know if it’s ok to use the acv on weeping areas? Also how long do I need to use it before I see results? Ive a 3 month baby with weeping eczema. Thank you

    • thehillhangout says

      Dear Yn, as I am not a medical professional, I really don’t feel qualified to give you advice on a baby so young. I would advise you to ask your pediatrician if you should try it. Thank you!

    • I try to use ACV as soon as possible on my own bad eczema when a patch opens up, even if it’s still weeping at the time, as I’ve found that the sooner the vinegar gets in there, the faster the healing. But the more raw and weeping it is, the more the vinegar will sting. I apply it undiluted with a q-tip or cotton ball, and it can reeeally sting on the first one or two applications, but then the hypersensitivity is gone and subsequent applications on that area barely sting at all. A couple times a day of this for 2-3 days is usually enough for me to get a patch on the path to healing. The more you dilute it, the less uncomfortable it will be for your baby, but the more treatments/time it will take.

    • Yes, it works on weeping eczema!

  23. Thank you for posting this great eczema cure! I suffer from this in the summer mostly and this will be a great help!

  24. I’ve heard of this before, and I’m willing to try it but Im TERRIFIED of the burning sensation that it’s going to give me :(.
    My severe eczema is on my face, and it’s extremley painful. Is it alright if I apply it still? And how much is it going to burn for? – as in minutes-

    • I did try this and it really helped IMMEDIATELY with itch relief. As well I noticed a difference so quickly…the next morning the redness and inflammation was greatly reduced. I too have it all over my face, and even though it did sting, it was SO WORTH IT for the relief. And each time I apply it, it stings less.
      Good luck!

    • For me, the stinging was welcome as the itching was driving me nuts. It stings for a minute or two then goes away.

  25. I came across your post on pinterest (go figure!) and was eager to try some home remedies for eczema! I’m 24 and have had eczema for as long as I can remember! My ENT used to give me a steriod cream that was supposed to suffice for all areas (around the ears, neck, arms and stomach) but it was a one day cure then it was back the next day and it even caused to the come back worse than it was before! I’m excited to try out this remedy!

    I just wanted to share some things I’ve been doing that have helped me: (Note that I am no medical professional, just a girl with experiences that she’d like to share!)

    A year ago I went to a dermatologist for the first time and he turned my way of life upside-down! I went from having the one medication to three different ones for different areas of skin (different thickness of the skin granted a different medication) and this cleared up my eczema in a week, but it didn’t cure it. My dermatologist told me to not ever use any soap other than the basic Dove bar and that I was to wash my face with this soap as well (I use a Clairsonic with an acne or sensitive brush head and scrub the bar of soap on it to clean my face and my hormonal acne even cleared up from doing this step!). He took away my bath loufa and told me to use a soft bath cloth to bathe with because the mesh of the loufa will irritate the skin even more and I no longer take hot showers; I take lukewarm showers because the heat can cause inflamtion as well. It was even suggested, that if I could stand it, to take a shower every other day so my skin will learn to not rely on the chemicals from soap and such to remain healthy. He even changed my make-up routine! I no longer use washing detergent with fragrance in it; I’ll use the free-and-clear brands or Borax.

    But the biggest and most effective change was the change in moisturzing. You can medically treat eczema all day but the key to upkeep is moisture. I have found that I can skip a few days of applying medications if I keep moisturized. The lotionmy dermatologist told me to use Aquaphor by Eucerin that comes the tub. It has the consitency of vaseline but doesn’t stain like vasaline (my dermatologist took some and smeared it on his nice button down shirt and he promised it wouldn’t stain haha!) and is very moisturizng and I also use the the Eucerin smoothing repair lotion for my hands throughout the day. This brand has no fragrence added to it. I believe this lotion is invincible! Nothing breaks it down off the skin causing you to have to reapply throughout the day. I have lathered up one morning after a shower and gone to work and been out and about after work and the next morning I will still feel moisturized. I have found that the lotion not only helps with moisturzing but it helps with the itching.

    Dry skin is genetic in my family. I have a cousin who recently went gluten-free and she has noticed a significant improvement in her dry skin. She doesn’t have eczema, just extremely dry skin (like hands and feet). So that’s my next step to get some relief!

  26. I am very happy I found this recipe. The ACV not only has helped my eczema but also my skin in general. I use it on breakouts and it really does make a difference.

    Since you shared I will also share, I had been visiting a derm for a few years using multiple ointments/creams/etc and my skin kept getting worse. To the point I was getting infections on my feet from the open, weeping, cracking skin. Finally, I just had enough, stopped going to the derm and started treating myself. I use Neutrogena Fragrance-Free hand lotion. It is cheap around $3.50, thick, doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and it just works. Between that and the ACV mixture I have pretty decent skin. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Listen folks, not everyone should exfoliate with anything (natural or not) My daughter has severe eczema, and I mean severe, all over her body, head, face, etc. Exfoliating can set it off and make it far worse, think about it- you’re not suppose to scratch, and many times exfoliating can lead to infection. For my daughter the only cream she can use is Glaxal Base Cream because it is the base all creams, ointmets are made from so there is nothing added. It is the only thing that isn’t burning her skin. She has had it since birth, she is 16 now. If it gets so bad that its raw, weeping, tight, hot- get your child or yourself to the doctor (preferably a dermatologist) do not put it off. My daughter ended up having a bacteria infection all over her skin, sometimes you need antibiotics. It’s a struggle many severe eczema sufferers know well. And diet does count, limit sugar intake, drink a lot of water.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Kat, it sounds as if your daughter’s case is miserable. I’m sorry she has to deal with that. I want to make it clear that ACV does not exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation would, of course, remove skin cells and thereby expose more of the raw area. The ACV does not remove skin cells.

  28. Hi,

    For how many days did you do the apple cider vinegar therapy until your little one was cured.any specific brand of apple cider vinegar do you recommend.Do reply please.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      My daughter’s eczema spots were cleared up within a out 3-4 days. I have used various brands of ACC, mostly Heinz. Hope this helps.

  29. Thank you for this information! Although I found a few culprits that caused my misery, I will occasionally use a soap ( just one time) that will cause a break out that will usually take a few weeks to completely eliminate. I will try your method!

    This may not help all of you, but it may be a source for a few – just want to share:
    After a few years of trying different creams prescribed by dermatologists (usually helped, but didn’t stop the new flare-ups), my mother’s hair stylist provided her with information about soaps and shampoos. This has made a HUGE difference – avoid soaps and shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate. Those with ammonium laureth sulfate are better.

    For me, public bathroom soap is the worst, along with Clairol Essence, Irish Spring, Dial, Dove, and the wonderful smelling specialty shop soaps. I can usually feel the problem beginning before I dry my hands or skin. I use Ivory and Pantene, which are much milder. I take my own soap when traveling.

  30. Our 3 1/2 year old little boy has been suffering from extreme eczema out breaks since he was a baby. We did the allergy blood test on him and he was allergic to pretty much everything except cod fish. We’ve eliminated peanuts, carrots, corn, eggs, tomatoes and chicken from his diet. He’s been on prednisone and also the steroid cream and while these work while he’s using them the eczema just seems to come back. We’re now trying the ACV. We’re dabbing the 50/50 solution on a cotton ball and rubbing it on the affected areas. However, how long do we need to leave the ACV on the affected areas? We’re on day two of this test and trying anything at this point.

  31. My youngest peanut is only 9 months old and has been suffering since she was about 3 months old. I’ve never felt so helpless as a parent … Our ped wouldn’t do a allergy test, and won’t prescribe anything because they are hoping she grows out of it 🙁 every time I find something new, it works, I get excited and think I’ve finally found our salvation … Only to have it come right back. My poor baby is covered in this, itches constantly, and can hardly have a moments relief. The one minor victory we have had is that the severity of her rash was greatly reduced when we switched detergents; it’s by no means healed, but at least now she doesn’t have oozing and bleeding …

    I’m praying this (and some of the other ideas I’ve read here) works… I’m nervous because of her age, so if anyone has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Shannon, poor little peanut! I hope it helps. My only advice is dilute, dilute, dilute until you know it’s not going to sting her little body. It might take a day or two longer to heal, but I’d hate for her to have her skin burning. Let us know how it goes.

    • Shannon, we dealt with the same thing… We use a company called Melaleuca. They have all the necessities to heal her skin! My youngest son and I had the same problem. We switched our Bath & Body & Laundry line. They have a very thin, unscented lotion called Renew. It’s also very affordable versus store brands or prescriptions. It is also natural, so you are not as likely to get the allergic reaction that you would with store brands. Even if they say “natural” , it doesn’t require much to slap that label on a product! My son also has a skin disorder called Dermagraphia. He deals with quite a bit of discomfort but the switch has made a huge difference and when he does have flare ups, it’s nothing the Renew lotion can’t handle. I’d be happy to pass the info along to you or answer any questions you might have! It’s been a long road for us but thankfully we’ve found our relief!! My name is Jennifer “Swift” Whatley and my email is [email protected]. You could also find me on facebook! Good luck with the struggle. I really hope you find him some relief soon!

      • Yes, Melaleuca is tea tree oil products. Tea tree oil kills yeast and bacteria very effectively when applied to an infected area. A combination of organic apple cider vinegar (with mother) diluted 2 to 1 with distilled water and about 12 drops of tea tree oil (purchased at a health food store, like Whole Foods) will work wonders on flare ups. Unfortunately, this is a curative action – truly the preventative action of changing the diet to eliminate all gluten and sugar is the KEY to ensuring no future breakouts.

  32. I used this idea that my mother gave me. At first I thought it was a dumb idea but out of desperation I put it on my scalp and low and behold it toped he itching and got rid of the flakes!!!

  33. I have serious eczema on my right hand. It really affects my daily life since I am a right-handed person! I am a teacher but sometimes I can’t even write because of eczema! I am now using coconut oil to cure my eczema, but no luck! I am really curious about the amazing treatment of ACV and have decided to try it! How much ACV should I put on my hand? Have you put on some hand cream for your daughter after using ACV? Thank you so much for your help!

    • I get it on my hand as well as I am a cook. I recently tried ACV and lo and behold after 4 days my hand is almost completely healed! After 4 weeks of trying different things. I used a 50/50 dilution with a cotton ball after work/shower and let air dry. During work I use Eucerin – Eczema Relief lotion so no one has to look at the drying skin. But I’ll say by next week I won’t need it at all.

  34. Tammi Cruz says

    Facial eczema is the worst! Try Made from Earth’s Three Berry Face Serum. I used to have it all over my face, and its the only face serum that when i applied it would take away the eczema. . .face saver

  35. Rhonda Hallstrom says

    Like u we have tried it all and spent thousands on treatments to no luck. How long did u do this treatment and has it lasted or does it come back. Thx for your help.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Rhonda, we used it for three or four days. It will occasionally come back and we retreat it the same way. Over time it has become less and less severe.

  36. Hi, I have used the ACV unduly toted and it presented peace and tranquility to my face. I have also mixed tea tree oil with sweet almond oil which has also worked perfectly applying as much as needed.

  37. Sakinah Carter says

    My daughter has it from her neck down to her toes, and in her scalp. Like you, we’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried putting some ACV in her bath water, but I don’t think that I put enough in there. I don’t want to burn her eyes. I had one dermatologist tell me she just didn’t know what to do anymore. My current dermatologist is just retrying stuff that’s already been rejected by her skin. Summer is coming and I MUST do something. Will be trying this as soon as i get home. Thanks. God bless.

  38. I too have suffered for most of my life with eczema. Mine being Dyshidrosis Eczema ( blisters on the hands) , I have never tried apple cider vinegar but will for sure the next time I have a break out. I have recently discovered that wheat or Gluten was the main cause of my eczema along with detergents & acidic foods. My most favorite moisturizer to use is Mineral Oil, just good old mineral oil. It is odorless, tasteless, and all natural.
    Just thought I would share, Thanks.

  39. While I do not have eczema, I do have some skin irritations. So, I started taking It Works Greens – Berry flavor. I have noticed a great improvement. One of my family members does have eczema and has noticed an improvement after taking this also. It is an all natural supplement you add to water, juice or ice tea. It is supposed to alkalize, balance and detoxify. Will add the ACV topically and bet we will feel lots better by alkalizing inside and out.

  40. I have it too and discovered in high school that it was from an allergic reaction to dairy! I still consume some but try to limit it and it’s almost gone completely except for a couple mild flare ups throughout the year! Just my experience though and I know everyone’s situation is different but might be worth investigating!

  41. Can’t wait to try this on my hands, they are cracked and itchy right now. Thanks so much for posting it!

    Also, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book is a good resource for healing the skin by healing the gut.

  42. Barbara Pena says

    Hello… I am a mom of 4 months old baby and the baby Has ezcema too. I am trying This apple vinagret too but that makes his skin dry So my question is What did You use as a moistarizer after the apple vinagret. Thank You

  43. Becki Kremer says

    I suffer and I really mean suffer from ezcema since I was born. I’m going to be 27 soon and could use a miracle. I break out in a lot of places, and can tolerate it, but it hate when my face breaks out. I’m really hoping this works for me because I’m the type of person to try homemade solutions over prescribed creams and ointments. Thank you so much for posting this, and I can’t wait to try it!

  44. My daughter also has eczema and something we just discovered works very well and is natural. Its a herb salve made from Arnica. I purchase it at a place called Medicine Man in Cherokee, NC.

  45. Michelle, RN says

    A few of you have described problems with wearing diapers/ briefs- when my babies were little, the dr told me to wash their bottoms with summers eve feminine wash after every bm and with each shower- it helps restore the oh balance and decreases the skin issues. I appreciate this info on apple cider vinegar as I have family members and patients with eczema- good luck!

  46. Hi, I’ve just read this article as I have tried many things to help with my eczema. I’ve grown up with it and still have it at the age of 20. I will defiantly give the apple cider vinegar a try! I was wondering, how long did you use the apple cider vinegar on your daughter for it to start making a difference and eventually clear up?

  47. How many times a day do you do this and how long do you soak it for? Or do you just spray it? How many times a day did you spray?

    Plz let me know. this ezcema is driving me nuts on my baby. Plz email me as i doubt I will not be back to this page. Thanks

  48. When you apply the ACV for the second time in the day, do you rinse/cleanse the area first since you applied moisturizer the first time?

    Pls reply or email, I’m desperate!

  49. When you apply the ACV for the second time in the day, do you rinse/cleanse the area first since you applied moisturizer the first time?

    Pls reply or email, I’m desperate!

  50. I was wondering if after applying the ACV you wash it off before applying the moisturizer or you leave it in and then apply the moisturizer. Also does it get really red the first couple of Times You Use ACV before it starts getting better?


  51. I had a patch of eczema on my right forefinger recently. Suddenly, one day I noticed it was gone. The only thing I can attribute its disappearance to is an acv tonic I periodically drink. Actually, I hadn’t taken it in awhile. And, the little patch had been on my finger for maybe a month. So, when I decided to finish off my bottle of unfiltered acv –it was not with the idea of treating the patch. I just wanted to finish off a bottle of vinegar that had been setting around for some time. The finger is now smooth in texture with no roughness. The only other thing that may possibly be responsible for my finger’s improvement is Badger face oil which does incredible things for healing skin in general and the face in particular. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. And, I do typically rub the excess all over my hands once I’ve finished applying it to my face.

  52. I’ve had eczema since I was two and have been battling it for 24 years. In the past month I started taking a multi vitamin, fish oil and I drink 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar( I use Bragg’s organic) with 1-2 teaspoons of honey that’s been diluted in about a cup of water (you can add more water) two to three times a day(drink it with a straw) I actually have skin now! No scabs, no raised blotchy red spots and limited itching! If I get really upset I will scratch but otherwise I feel great! I know it might be tough to get your little one to drink it but it’s helped me so maybe it’s worth a shot? Good luck!

  53. I am 18 and I’ve suffered with really bad eczema. For years I’ve been using triemcinilone (spelling is probably wrong) its is a greasy oniment, and it works but only for a certian amount of time… I’ll use it fr a week or so and I’ll be clear and then ill flare up real bad in two weeks. I have the type if eczema were it looks like i have scabs… I have gotten the red patches before but it mostly looks like scabs (cluster of scabs that turn into red nasty patches)
    I will most deffinitly try this because I am about to start college in about 3 1/2 months and i dont want to have i be slathering greasy oniment on my body every night. It ruins my pajamas and it would be a little embarrassing doing that and walking through my dorm hall looking all greasy!
    I pray it works! Thanks guys!!!!

  54. I was told about this when my now 29 year old was little. Our babysitters mom was a nurse and told me to try it. My daughter had a pretty mild case but she never had it again.
    Thank you for posting, I had forgot about it. My grand daughter suffers terribly from eczema and is on steroid creams so we’ll be trying this again.

  55. Thank you for this! My eczema had flared up so badly last week that I literally wanted to peel my own skin off. After a few days of the vinegar is is SO much better, the itching is practically gone and my skin is clearing up. This works so much better than any OTC or steriod cream. Thanks a million!!

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      I’m so glad to hear it worked for you. I know how uncomfortable eczema can be, so I’m happy you found some relief. Thanks for your comment.

  56. Does anyone know if this works on sensitive facial skin?

  57. How pleased am I that I stumbled on your website. After trying everything I thought I would try apple cider vinegar. WoW WOW WOW is all I can say, aftet just 2 applications the redness gas disappeared and so had the itch. Its just a bit dry and flaky but am sure that will go in a few dsys with the ciconut ol. Thank you soo much x

  58. Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m having fresh wheatgrass juice about 40ml per day n also taking Dr.Wheatgrass super shots and using the super balm. Have tried oils ,diets for my steroid induced eczema and find wheatgrass is really helping me with the topical steroid withdrawal hell. I also take lactogg a probiotic which is supposed to help w eczema as well. All the best to you and ur bubba, smooth and quick recovery soon!

  59. Just stumbled upon this on pinterest and just tried it on my hands..thanks for the tip!!! I, like many others here, have suffered from bad eczema my whole life (I’m 29) and in the last year my breakouts on my hands have been as severe as I’ve ever experienced, making daily life impossible… Little round, itchy, bumps just under my skin. I’ve been to different dermatologists who continue to just prescribe expensive steroid creams that usually work when my outbreaks are bad but they continue to tell me there is no cure and no way to prevent it. Finally went to a natural health doctor and she’s talking to me about prevention (finally!). I just did a blood test and based on those results there will likely be changes to my diet and overall lifestyle. Thankful that someone is finally helping find a way to control the outbreaks and I highly recommend natural medicine now! Also, in terms of lotions, I like Aveeno but have found that creams work much much much better and HIGHLY recommend Cerave cream, its amazing! Thanks for the post and all the comments that have been left here… It’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Good luck everyone!

  60. I’ve just stumbled across your blog post about eczema relief, my daughter has suffered from eczema over 90% of her body since birth, we’ve been through all the steriods and emollient creams available, we’ve wet wrapped and at her worst admitted to hospital and placed on a drip, just like your self things worked well for a period of time….. Then back to square one, I’ve been to buy acv today and we start this treatment tonight, my daughters sixteen soon and is worried about the stinging that might occur, but in the past we’ve found that by applying lotions and creams in a downward motion stops the sting/burn ! Here’s hoping for her sake 🙂

  61. I Just Wanted To Leave You A Lil Note Saying THANK YOU…I Just Started Using 1/2 Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 Water …No More Itch And I Can Actually See My Foot Starting To Heal..I Was So Scared To Try But After Reading That You Used This On Your Child I Decided It Has To Be OK…Many Many Thanks To You~!!!

  62. cheryl holmes says

    I cannot express how happy I am with this to treat my severe eczema. Ihad it on my face and inside my elbows. After appling acv slighty diluted at first with make pads it slowly reddened and then peeled away!! Do no be afraid to apply it to face. I did and held it there for over 30 min then did not rinse. Apple aveeno for eczema after if needed and re apply the next day. Absolutely fantastic!!!
    Also some diapers can cause rashes for babies maybe switch brands!!
    My face is finally returned!!!ty ty

  63. Stephanie says

    I care for a 2 yr. old little one who gets the rashes on both of her cheeks and her chin and sometimes a little around her mouth. I have been caring for her since she was 7 months old and last summer she had the breakouts and it seemed like late fall and winter she didn’t break out at all. Now this summer it is really bad. especially when we are outside. The Eucerin and other special eczema creams help temporarily but then cheeks flare up as soon as she gets her face wet for any reason and she likes to put stuff in her mouth quite often so drool irritates it. Most of the time in the morning she looks ok then it appears as the day progresses and gets really bad if we are playing outside. The one thing I notice is that unlike all the posts I have read on here, she doesn’t seem to be experiencing any discomfort from this at all. Always happy and never cries when anything is applied to her skin. She looks at me like “what are looking at my face like that for?” she is such a little sweetie and I hate to see this on her face. I have had so many people ask me what is on her face or is she ok, when we are out. it looks like it hurts. I worry about scarring too she has mild eczema on other parts of her body and she scratches that a bit but her face is where it gets really red and chapped and the creams don’t really cause it to go away completely. I will suggest this ACV to her mother and I pray that is helps her.

    • Hi Stephanie, my daughter is eight months old and she has exactly the same case of eczema than the girl you care for. She gets her cheeks very red and sometimes scaly, as you said she wakes up ok but it seems to get worse during the day. She drools a lot and I think it makes it worse. I have seen a dermatologist who gave ne a prescription of hydrocortisone cream but i m so scared of using it on her face. Specially when she puts everything in her mouth and is constantly sucking her hand. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all, I have never seen scratching her cheeks. She has some spots with eczema behind her knees where she does scratch a lot. I have tried a lot of over the counter creams and moisturizers but nothing has worked.
      I know this post is so old but I m hoping you will get it. Did her mother try the apple cider vinegar on her cheeks? I m afraid of trying it on her face. Did she get any improvement with any cream? I will appreciate your response. Thanks !

      • I put some ACV in my son’s bath (amount I used was enough to get the water pretty cloudy from the ACV) and dipped my hands in and put what was dripping on my fingers on his face avoiding his eyes…kind of tapped it on his infected areas on his face…he did splash and a little got into his eyes but he didn’t seem to mind just rubbed his eyes a little and continued playing…works great so far only done it twice so far…afterwards I use eucerine baby eczema cream and then raw shae butter…you will have to reapply the raw shae butter throughout the day…as most babies that are moving and crawling around tend to rub their faces on surfaces and needs to be reapplied…his face is looking great…and his body is better! Hope this helps!

  64. In total desperation, like many others, I too am very grateful to come upon this post! My baby broke out with a horrendous, itchy, welted-up rash on his forehead a few weeks after getting his first two teeth (4 months old). Nearly crazy after spending a lot of money on numerous fixes – natural to otc – we found a cream (readily available) called Active Repair Cream https://www.episencial.com/products/active-repair-cream-2oz that is reaaly good. We used cold compresses and applied repair cream then slathered him with un-petroleum jelly (vaseline works same) and that has worked better than anything – but still the itching and agony with flare-ups… I added diluted acv to compresses and immediately saw a decrease in inflammation! Though seemingly drying at first with the follow up of the episencial cream and jelly, the texture and hue of the skin changed; inflammation lessened. We had tried ice cubes of oat baths (etc.!) before and nothing worked like vinegar — incredible! Endless gratitude to you for sharing your story!

  65. hi I am 27 and am suffering from to date my most severe eczema. I have had it on and off my whole life. I also am very self conscious about it because even at my age people still stare and have the nerve to look down on you as they ask “whats that ” like you have some horrible contagious disease. im going to try the acv asap and would like to thank everyone for their comments as I can relate!!!! thank you

  66. I used to get eczema a few times a year since childhood on my hands and sometimes feet. I think it was food related because ever since I started drinking homemade Kefir water (multiple strains of probiotics) on a daily basis, my eczema has stopped completely. It has been over one year with successful results – until today. I developed eczema on my hands after several hours of sanding and handling an exotic wood, which actually stained my hands. Anyway, it does not feel like the same eczema I am used to getting and appears to be going away quickly. I would highly recommend trying the kefir water to see if it helps your eczema. It’s as simple as adding the Kefir grains (looks like tapioca pearls) to water with sugar and a pinch of Himalayan salt and waiting two days before drinking. You can drink up to 8 oz daily but must start with lower doses.

  67. I completely cured my eczema. I used to keep it away by applying Eucerin moisturiser but would return after a couple of days after not using it. So upon a lot of research and carrying out an intolerance food test discovered that foods were the culprit. I cut out gluten, wheat, sugars, caffeine and starches. I stopped eating fruits for a while for the beginning as they are sugars and rice.

    You can reintroduce foods one at a time to see if you have a reaction.

    But most importantly I started taking the following:
    Flax oil
    Pau D’arco

    To really help you look at the candida diet. This works. You don’t need to pay as you can find information on the web.

    The major negative is you will get a candida die off period where things get a lot worse as the body is eliminating toxins from the body. But it’s worth it.

    This also cures lack of energy, insomnia and stomach upsets.

    I hope this helps.

  68. My son, 16, had suffered with eczema his whole life. From infancy till about 10, it covered nearly 90% of his body. Now it covers roughly 75-80% of his body. His newest Dermatologist (whom I love just for the questions she asked) told us it is so severe that he will never be accepted into the military. That broke his heart. She also put him on methotrexate. It has helped some, as well as the CeraVe lotion she recommended. He loves the CeraVe. It was specifically designed for atopic dermatitis patients and has no fragrance, nothing that burns his skin-and we’ve tried almost all of it. We’ve even tried the ‘wet wrap’ therapy that just aired in the health segment of our local news last night.
    The problem with eczema is that there are 5 different types and each type presents differently based on causes of the symptoms. My son has all but one of the types and the causes for his break outs are just as varying. At 16 I can’t hold him down to lotion up anymore, he has to do it himself. And, as a 16 year old boy, you can imagine how well that goes.
    We have not tried ACV but it may be the next thing to go in his bath water.

  69. Thank you for your blog. Is it safe to use around the eyes? The only place I get eczema is around my eyes (inner corners) and the back of my neck there’s a small patch.

    I used steroid cream for about a week and stopped straight away after doing my own research. I now have been using castor oil for the past week and it’s calmed down but I still can’t really wear any makeup etc because it shows really badly.

    I hope this works for me. I’m just worried because it’s on my eyelids and the inner corners like on the side of the nose next to the eyes part…. Thanks for your help 🙂

  70. I don’t know if you’re going to read this but it really means a lot to me being a teen(13 1/2) -who struggles with eczema- for you to take time and put this up here for other people who struggle with it. And I know it can be really hard at times to deal with it but just don’t give up. 😉

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      I do read all comments here, Leah. I hope that apple cider vinegar brings you relief from eczema, as I know how frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying it can be.

  71. ACV is great for many skin ailments. But if you are looking just for something to apply to eczema then you are probably missing something else. In our daughter, her eczema was a result of an allergic reaction to milk and dairy products. She had it on her scalp, chest, back and sides where she couldnt stop scratching. Creams and lotions were only temporary relief. It wasn’t until we stopped with the dairy products that the eczema went away for good. Totally. Her large rough patches became soft skin again in just a matter of days. So I would encourage each of you to look beyond the lotions and see what you (or your loved one) are eating, drinking, touching and coming in contact with everyday that may be causing your eczema. Consider the most common allergies and see if things change.

  72. I have been looking for something to get rid of the eczema on my scalp that has come and gone throughout my entire life. I have used different shampoos from dermatologists, shampoos and other ideas from people who have had it on their skin. I was able to use emu oil a few times, but now it is not working for me. Part of the problem is that it only happens to me living in Florida. I think the humidity keeps my skin moist from sweating so much and it continues to come back. I know it will probably sting like heck, but I am going to try the apple cider vinegar idea. I feel I don’t have anything to lose at this point. I have lost hair due to this condition and it doesn’t grow as much as it used to. I will post if it works for me. My only other choice is to move and stay in a cooler climate……..that is the only time it stayed away.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      We have used it on the scalp before, and it didn’t burn too terribly. Hope it works for you!

  73. Rochelle says

    How many times did you apply throughout the day? My poor son has severe eczema and we have tried everything, I am really hoping this is it.

  74. Rochelle says

    Also I forgot to ask before but did the eczema become more red when you applied the acv? Just wondering because when I apply to my son it becomes more red. Thank you

  75. Delberson says

    If you take acv orally as well, it needs to be “from the mother”. I have yet to try the acv soak because I am afraid of the stinging which is a bit stupid since the pain is already horrific. I am also adding a magnesium oil spray to my treatment as well but I think this is a long term treatment but it does have a calming effect. Magnesium deficiency can cause skin problems. Will do the elimination diet soon because I am desperate.

  76. I am 51 years old, I had horrible eczema all my life until one winter, after having a very bad bout wth bronchitis, my dr tested me for asthma. It was positive and I was prescribed singulair which I began taking. My eczema disappeared and has been mostly gone ever since. (Occasionally I have a small break out on my hands). I have since heard that eczema and asthma are related, not sure, but for anyone suffering with eczema I would check it out. Just an FYI.

  77. I am going to try the ACV on ds, thanks. He breaks out covering about 60% of his body and will only heal with steroids which I hate. Not a cure, but pure avocado oil is an instant itch and pain relief for him. I could not find a cream that didn’t cause severe burning so tried it on a whim and it was instant relief

  78. My son is 18 months now I breast feed him until he was around 11 months after that he had a small mark on his back and belly almost looked like a ring worm but I new it wasnt. brought him to his dr. They said it lookz like a ring worm after telling them it was seversl times then she said ok then its ezcema which no one in my family have ever had this and it didnt start till he was almost 12 months and has never went away Also mild little read spots on back of his knews and elbows sometime. Using draft and aveeno baby eczema for everything ive never thought it was eczema my child never itches he doesnt even no its there. Have taking him ofg of milk and it lookslike its going away any ideas

  79. My son is almost 7 months old and we just found out he is allergic to our dog. We cleaned like crazy, our dog is on a little vaca with my mom. Hoping it will start to clear his very itchy eczema. For the time being, I’m going to try this in his bath and see if it helps any. The dermotologist actually mentioned this as well.. Fingers crossed 🙂

  80. How long did it take to clear up, did it stay away?

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      It only took a few days. It does occasionally return, but we treat it each time. It happens far less frequently than it did when she was young. Hope it helps.

  81. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing your tip!
    I’m curious, how long does it normally takes to heal the eczema?
    I was practically eczema-free for about 8 years (spending a week in Cuba solve it, no kidding), after suffering a whole lot through my life, and I’ve been having one of the worse outbreaks of my life for the last week. I’m miserable.
    I’ve been trying your trick + drinking ACV twice a day for 5 days and it doesn’t seem to be helping 🙁
    So now I’m wondering if I should continue or just give up.
    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  82. Eczema can be a sign of food sensitivities or intolerance’s, and allergies. A food intolerance test can be purchased directly from a lab. Gluten sensitivity is a popular culprit. Aside from food intolerance’s, eczema can be a symptom of another issue.

  83. I just started two days ago ingesting and putting it on topically for my severe hand eczema. I really want it to work, but it is making my hands flare up like crazy! I’m not sure if I can put on my nightly dose, I did 50/50 with water, I can handle burning but the eczema itself is cracking red and burning. Is this normal? I don’t know if I can take another day unless I knew it was going to change soon.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      That wasn’t our experience. The ACV didn’t worsen my daughter’s symptoms at all. They cleared up right away. Sorry you are having such a bad flare-up. I know how miserable it can be.

  84. I have recently tried Frankincense by Doterra for my eczema and I have not had a flare up for a few months. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this, the cider vinegar burned to bad for me.

    • Amy Wadsworth says

      yes i tried this as well…it works..undiluted or i mix a few drops in my hand with coconut oil. cocoa butter. shea butter or avocado oil

  85. Hi there..I’m on my 18th week of pregnancy. I’m a first time mom to be..however, I’ve got eczema flare ups right now..it’s very very itchy and I don’t wanna use any corticosteroids or chemicals so I tried ACV patch..I’m happy to say that ACV relieved the itchiness and my eczema rashes are clearing up..thanks for posting this info! Still looking for a cream that I can apply on my skin though . I’m a bit afraid of trying to apply a new cream on my skin coz I think I got my eczema from an oil that I tried..can you suggest a good cream that can be used to provide moisture and prevent itchiness on my skin? Thanks in advance for any replies..:)

    • Hollie Chapman says

      I have eczema and my daughter does too. Mine is on my face, around my nose, chin and in between my eyes. My daughter gets it really bad on her legs behind her knees. It burns her so bad and is so red. Poor thing. Anyway, we absolutely got rid of it by using tea tree oil. After showering I would put some on with a qtip. It dries fast. Then I put 100% all natural organic shea butter. I also had to stop using store bough bar soaps and detergents and started making my own homemade soaps and powdered laundry soaps. You can buy them too. But make sure they are all natural!! No more eczema for her! I still get it on my face but not as much. I also use my homemade soap for my face and instead of store bought facial moisturizer I make myself facial oils. I use them to cleanse and moisturize! So much better

      • i have had eczema for 7 years. I used coacoa butter and aquaphor and it cleared up COMPLETELY for months! it was completely gone, it took about 4 months of nonstop applying and wraps but totally worth it for the summer, but then my eczema came back so im still trying to keep up with how it was before!

  86. Hi everyone, another lifelong (48 years and counting!) eczema sufferer here and I have also found ACV to be very effective.
    But, I would like to stress that what you use MUST be apple cider vinegar (ACV) with “the mother” (the cloudy stuff which is basically pectin and protein) still in it, and not processed in any way whatsoever, which basically means it needs to be organic. If it’s not ACV and it’s not cloudy and it’s not organic you are likely to be wasting your time and money!

    The Bragg brand (which I am pretty sure is from the USA but available in most western countries including Australia, NZ and the UK) is the best for this but any unadulterated, organic ACV *WITH* the cloudy stuff (that’s where the goodness is!) should be fine. https://www.bragg.com

    The only extra thing that is OK to be in the ACV is honey (but again it needs to be organic and not processed). This is actually quite nice to drink and helps to heal from the inside out. I use a brand from Western Australia (I live in Sydney) called Wescobee but I am sure in the US and other countries it would be easy to get an ACV with organic honey.

  87. Hi,
    (I am not medically qualified)
    I dont see Hempseed Oil mentioned here. It is great for skin conditions both external and you can use it internally which will come out through the skin to help. You can use the shelled hempseed as a milk substitute, add a little vanilla essence if you want it sweet. Check out You tube on how to make it.
    Also you can make your own flatbread/chappati which is yeast free if you cant stop the bread completely. . Flour and water, add some herbs to flavour.
    Apple Cider Vinegar with some lemon juice and honey taken internally daily will help with cleaning and detoxing the liver. Either last thing at night or first thing in morning.
    If you are an adult I would recommend a gallbladder/liver cleanse to detox- its the one with epsom salts to drink first then the olive Oil/fresh lemon or grapefruit juice. This should be a regular for all. Feel so much better after. Some may have issues with drinking the epsom salts though. Always check with your doctor first if you have medical issues.
    I would never use a lanolin or baby oil products as it smothers the skin and does not allow it to breathe.
    For small patches of skin problems or fungal infections try pure Lavender Essential Oil. Can be used pure on fungal infections. It is also the best for burns, did not leave a scar either.
    There are alot of additives in ready made food that will bring on skin conditions so making your meals from scratch maybe a bit more time consuming but in the long run will give you better health.
    The one thing I cant go without is apples. Always I try to have at least one a day and have it at night before bed. Helps keep the internals regulated and is great skinfood for the face. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’…lol
    Good luck and may you all find good health

    • Deb, Hemp oil has really helped my eczema. I imbibe a large tsp or two tsps three or four times a day: upon waking, supper and bedtime.
      Also rubbing it into the infected areas either first thing upon waking or after a morning shower. It seems to be absorb quickly. It really helps dried, sore scars to fall off and healing to take place.
      I use no soaps on my skin; I do lightly wash with a soft cloth, soaked with Borax; but I use just my wet hands do the cleaning. After my shower, I wipe borax water all over my skin, and let it dry. Then I apply the Hemp oil.
      Namaste and care,

  88. I just turned 60 this year. Since this winter I developed excema on my neck and around my eyes. Does anybody know what to use around the eyes?

  89. Carol Hinton says

    i also have Eczema. It started 12 years ago. I am now 72. I take antihistamines and use a oerscribed cream. I just found a cream that stops the itch. It is Jason 84% aloe Vera moisturizing cream. I apply it morning and night and although it does not cure it, it stops the itching. I will try the apple cider vinegar also. Thanks for the info.

  90. I would like to thank you. I have suffered all my life. Recently was on a course of prednisone for 10 day. Four days after treatment my rash came back full force. I read you blog yesterday and went out and got some apple cider vinegar. Put some in my bath water and also mixed some up for dabbing. I woke up this morning and all the redness is gone. My wounds are no longer spewing and I have such relief in the itch. This simple product works. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you.

  91. Torianna Olson says

    I have had eczema for years, on my neck, back, arms, chest and face. I can’t reach it on my neck and back so would it work if I put ACV in a spray bottle to reach it? I’ve tried Sarna lotion, which worked for a while but ultimately failed. As did the coconut oil for me. I’m desperate because I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I’m wearing a dress that shows my upper back/shoulders! 🙁 I’m desperate for a cure/treatment! Hope this works!!

  92. My grandson has horrible eczema and Asthma. When his asthma flares up his eczema is that much worse. I give him Epsom salt and baking soda baths. I buy the pool size bags because I use it so much to sooth his skin. We do use prescribed medication but I mix it with a body butter that a friend makes. When we don’t have the body butter his skin doesn’t look refreshed. If he has a bad area and scratching during the day I rub tea tree oil on it. His scalp is the worst. I had a tea tree oil cream that I used but I can’t find it any more. I tend to spray a ACV water mixture on his head throughout the day if he is scratching. I took away milk and only give him almond milk. When I was growing up I only knew 2 people that had eczema now every baby that’s born almost has it. My theory is its something in the formula. Someone gave me the name of an oinent that they stated was wonderful bit pricy around $60 for a small jar. It is called Yube, a Japanese ointment.

  93. Hello friends, how is all, and what you desire to say regarding this article, in my view its in fact remarkable designed
    for me.

  94. Just found your website a few months ago and tried the ASV What a blessing !!!!!!! This has been the only thing that has helped with the itch and has helped heal my eczema. I have passed this on to several family members who like me also suffer s with this skin disorder. Thank you so much for the info. God Bless Dixie from Florida

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Thank you for letting us know about how much it helped. We have had excellent results, and I am happy to hear the same from you. Blessings to you!

  95. Frances Delarosa says

    I’m in tears right now. All these post have just given me so much-needed hope!!!!! My granddaughter is 6 years old, and has suffered with severe eczema since she was 3 months old. We have tried everything, even bathing in breast milk, but, nothing has ever worked. Her skin looks like she’s been severely burned on her face, hands, knees, and on her lower bottom. Bath time is the worse! Her shin is very dry and peels. Her clothes stick to her skin. I literally have to peal them off her when she has breakouts. I’ve always felt alone with this, but I can see there are many, who struggle and suffer with eczema. I’m going to try ACV, and hope it works! this is my last hope.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      I’m sorry eczema is such a problem for her. I pray that ACV is the answer you have been looking for and that she gets some relief.

  96. Christopher Murphy says

    I have been suffering from dermatitis on my hands caused by metal working coolant. I heve used Aalgo , it is seaweed and found it cleared up in about a week. That was about 18months ago. Dermatitis has returned so I am using it again.

  97. Did any of you go through a period of time in the beginning thinking your exzema was something else? My son is breaking out on his back and chest and he had this about a year ago. I never got a diagnosis. His rash is itchy and little tiny bumps like sand paper. He scratches til he bleeds. It seems to be spreading.

  98. Chicago Ray says

    I am a 50 year old man with MS and I’ve also had eczema for about 10 of those years.. like everyone here, tried this, tried that, dr this dr that, 5 years of that %^&*(

    then one day I go to a different Dermo in Buffalo Grove IL where I live and he gave me a shot of steroids, they’re called KENALOG.. small shot in the arm and not only did it cure this, for about a year at a time per shot, and I got this bad on my lower legs, it also cured edema I seem to get with it all the time … this worked for almost 7 years until here Jan 22 2016…

    Now I’m gonna try this because this is the first time in all this time it hasn’t worked, I”m really bummed… it used to work beautifully so finally it must have reached it efficacy in my body.. I’ve had 2 in a month now and while the edema disappeared my eczema has not and this time its more like a wound, it won’t heal.. I’m very concerned about it but we’ll give this a try and I hope some of you see this so far on, the last comment I see is from last August, so give that a try and if it works lemme know, you’ll be amazed I”m sure..

    So again its’ called Kenalog, its milky white, and it takes about a normal syringe full but again it hasn’t worked this time after many years of success, so good luck..

  99. My first daughter dealt with excema starting when she was 4 months old . I tried alot of nautural things. And I found some information about changing my diet. I found this lady who had chronic excema into her 50’s, I think. Her website is http://eczema-natural-healing.com/ She healed it by changing her diet. We decided to try it to. Since the skin is related to whats going on inside the gut/digestion system. I changed to a gluten free, sugar free, diary free diet and it REALLY WORKED. We even had to take out citrus/or acidic type fruits (then we introduced them back into her diet when she didn’t break out anymore). We also bought gluten/wheat free oatmeal for breakfast since oatmeal is sometimes cross contaminated with wheat in the factories.
    We still eat this diet, even though it took time to get used to, you can find alot of alternatives for foods that you like that are within this diet. My daughter is now almost 4 years old has been doing very well. So major outbreaks.

  100. Did not work for me! It actually caused the rash to spread!! 🙁 really bummed! FYI I’m 28 so maybe this only works in children. Vitamin E gave me better results, but so far my poor sensitive skin isn’t liking anything much.

  101. Avoid scratchy materials in your clothing like wool – that makes my eczema flare up. Avoid harsh soaps too. I tried 3 creams from Amazon – this one worked the best – http://www.amazon.com/Organic-Eczema-Treatment-healing-eczema/dp/B01AH3WW8M/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1458691602&sr=8-1&keywords=eczema+faceorganics

  102. Anonymous says

    I have some horrible eczema on the back of my neck and up into my scalp. Does apple cider vinegar do anything to your hair? Is it bad for it, or is it good for it? Thanks you 🙂

  103. Lisa Florez says

    My 17 yr old has had eczema on/off for the past 5 years. Seems like the more she sweats the more she flares up at times. After reading all the post were going to try a couple things like avoiding certain foods. She recently ate different foods she had not had (like deviled eggs) since it was Memorial weekend and we cooked out so we’re hoping it may be her diet also. We just tried the acv solution and we’re praying it works! Thanks for the tips!

  104. my 3 years old is suffering with eczema..it breaks my heart when I see the rashes behind his knees and on his right foot..I hope and pray ACV will be miracle treatment for us as well..
    kindly let us know that has ur daughter finally got rid of eczema completely after using ACV ?

  105. I see immune system, liver toxicity and digestion are involved. Did eczema sufferers also get vaccines? Vaccines interfere with immunity/gut health. Did one person say eczema started after traveling overseas? In addition to topical and diet, what about treating immunity using homeopathics, liver assistance, and abstaining from toxic medicines which block immunity, healing, and telling symptoms, and also poison the patient.

  106. I had a small dry patch located on the webbed skin starting from the base of my thumb to the index finger of my right hand. Usually cortisone cream can take care of this, but this time, it was stubborn dry scaly patch. It has already been 3 days since I started applying thick layer of cortisone cream on the dry patch, but it’s taking too long to go away. I decided to search the internet and came upon your blog. I diluted a small batch of ACV and apply it to my dry patch. Within the first hour, I noticed that it is already feeling better. I feel the relieve and the dry patch was not as dry. It is already working. I have just applied a second dose of diluted ACV tonight. It’s not as dry looking as this morning. I will continue this remedy until the dry patch completely goes away. Thanks for sharing this tip. It really worked for me.

  107. I used foderma serum along with the wash and spray and my daughters skin cleared up in just a few days. It definitely is an amazing product. I’d recommend foderma serum to anyone with eczema or psoriasis.

  108. I am so grateful that I found this site tonight. I’m into week 10 of a full-body dermatitis with no let-up. I’m still on Prednisone but cannot wait to try to ACV! Thanks to all who have commented. My time was spent with those who have understanding of the misery. Thanks for the hope!

  109. Omg i cant wait to start this… im not sure how long this had been posted but i’m thankful for everyone who shared their experiences. I just had a baby who was born with salmon patches and started experiencing eczema within less than a month. (Salmon patches has nothing to do with it just stating his position at birth) In the past i have used braggs raw unfiltered ACV for my hair …. face for breakouts … and im currently drinking it to help out with post baby fat. How did i not think of this?!?!…. im sooo excited to start it. I feel so bad for him sometimes i wished it happened to me instead. I live in Trinidad … an extremely hot climate… we only experience rain and sun lol. I was adviced by his doc to bathe with cetaphil since he was born and use coconut oil or cetaphil cream and well i put vaseline between nappy changes. I was told he could have inheritted it as we have a really bad family history of allergies… asthma and sensitive skin. I have underestimated exzema and its’ effects as i have never dealt with it up until now. I pray he grows out of it. He is 5 mths now and strictly breastfeeds … i feel somehow scared for when he starts weaning. I am also going to try changing his laundry detergent. I am in high hopes … and i really do pray that he will be healed in Jesus’ name. Thanks for sharing the info i will be sure to update a post when i bathe him.

  110. I was searching for products for my son’s eczema and in his 3 years, foderma serum is the only stuff I have found that has worked! It helps the itch and has really reduced his red splotches. Definitely recommend.

  111. Tina Janice says

    I have severe eczema all over my legs. I used foderma serum for about a week and my eczema improved so drastically!!

  112. Bentonite clay with whole husk psylium has helped me.

  113. Jane Anderson says

    I have had eczema for years. finally got rid of it. Apparently soap is the cause for occasional flare-ups. What I do then is to spray on full strength vinegar. Apple Cider or Heinz white. I don’t fool around! I do not use anything other than Heinz as other brands can be made from solvents which you do not want. That usually does the trick. If I need more help, I put on Noxzema, or coconut oil (used for cooking). Sometimes I will get blisters on my hands from washing with soap so I bring out the vinegar and the possee right away.

  114. Hi Ashley, I’m so glad I came across this article. For a long time (almost 4 months now) I’ve had itchy red patches under my eyes and around my mouth as well as on my arms and shoulders. My dermatologist told me it was eczema and prescribed me topical steroid creams, which from the looks of it is not all that good for your face! Do you think it would be safe to apply the diluted ACV under my eyes and around my mouth?

  115. First of all thanks to #Ashley for this amazing content. My daughter suffering from this and now she is 8 years old. I applied so many natural treatments but not get effective result.

  116. My husband has really awful eczema and we tried everything from Eucerin, to Gold Bond all claiming to be the best for eczema sufferers. However I decided to go out on a limb and give foderma serum a try. My husband was so ecstatic from the results of foderma serum, that I just had to write a review thanking you!!! His hands are back to his normal color and the itching and dryness along with scaling has diminished!!!

  117. KaraHands says

    I use foderma serum on my eczema, dry skin, even as a face moisturizer. It helped clear up my eczema better than any other cream I tried, even the prescription. I think everyone should have a jar of this around the house. It has many safe uses.

  118. I have been suffering from eczema and psoriasis scalp for over 10years but has got the worse ever since the last 13months It has rid my entire body and I tired of using steroids (oral/topical) and emollients just to be free from pain. luckily few weeks ago i found some thoughts from disqus about natural treatment , I email the address and inquire natural treatment from Dr Sam, after one week treatment i got rid of eczema and psoriasis scalp permanently. I also recommend everyone out there suffering from same disease should also apply this 100% natural treatment email Dr Sam via;
    [email protected]

  119. About a month ago, I got a large burn on my leg from a firepit. After three days of applying aloe and vitamin E, the burn remained open. I was introduced to black seed oil on day four. Thank goodness for that!! The black seed oil allowed my burn to finally heal over. Now, it has completely grown a new layer of healthy dermis. I’m incredibly satisfied with black seed oil and would recommend it to anyone suffering skin problems, contact Mr Harry on his email address [email protected] today and get your black seed oil

  120. since am 40 years , that is, about 16 years ago am suffering from eczema gradually but about 5 months ago and it is unbearable again. spending lots of money without no remedy, pls.

  121. I have never heard of treating eczema with vinegar. When my baby had eczema, we found out that Baltic Amber helps. So I bought an Amber necklace . We have been changing them every 3 months and now it’s half of year when we’re not using them. So far, the eczema has not renewed yet, hopefully it will not.
    However, thank you for sharing, will definitely tell my friends about it, maybe it will work for them.

  122. Inderjot Kaur says

    Hi. I am suffering from eczema from the past 9 years…can I know if diluting apple cider vinegar help for my face, neck, hands and arms…also did you hear about using cerave cream? How good it is?

    • Angie Slayden says

      Cerave is amazing!! It’s all we use. The cream. Comes in a jar with or without a pump. We have had success in just one week spraying the ACV (Braggs brand) all over. Cleared a cut from dryness on the side of my daughters mouth. Mist 2x daily, pat or rub in and cover in Cerave cream.

  123. Angie Slayden says

    My daughter is 10 and has had chronic eczema for 7-8 years. The emotional effects are heartbreaking and this momma is on a constant search to naturally help.

    No matter what we do it’s there daily on arms, legs, ankles, wrists and lower back. I do not use steroids. Only hydrocortisone if it gets very bad.

    Bleach baths work wonders for her but are drying and so we started ACV a week ago. Get over the smell and taste and just do it I told her 😉

    We are having even better luck with ACV baths (2-3 cups) and whole body misting 2x daily!!
    If I can sneak it in she drinks a teaspoon in juice but otherwise one ACV capsule daily to help build her immune system back up and rid her of toxins/allergens.

    We use Cerave Moisturizing Cream after baths and misting.

    Redness has lessened and no eczema on wrists and arms!! Legs are looking good as well! Ankles are her worst area but I’m seeing major improvement there too which is amazing!! She is happy and confident and willing to keep up this routine!

  124. I have baby with eczema. I feels so bae

  125. Thanks for this post. My 2month old is currently suffering from Eczema as well. It’s terrible. It’s all over his body. Like everyone else, I have tried every thing but not this. Will surely try the ACV and see how it fares then give a feedback.

  126. march 21,2018 SUNSHINE
    Thank you for sharing.
    How long were you on D3 before you noticed a change,
    I am 55 and have it so terribly on my fingers and palms of my hands. I am putting ACV in water to drink and had concerns it was aggravating it

  127. I wanted to say thank you for posting this, I suffer from flare ups of eczema on my face and have been trying to figure out the cause and finding relief until I figure it out. I tried the ACV on the spots on my face, including eyelids, followed up with Emu Oil and the results are amazing. I use 1/2 & 1/2 dilution and dab the spots with ACV then put the emu oil on. The ACV has reduced redness and I am starting to heal after only a couple days. THANK YOU!

  128. Amy Wadsworth says

    I have had to ezcema flares for the first time in my 28 years! I think it was initially set off by very harsh body soap that my hubby bought it cause very dry skin itching non stop and the itch scratch cycle seemed to lead to the ezcema. I prefer natural solution and I have spent many many hours and own self experiement and this is the proticl that i find works very weel.
    After am shower with Vanicream liquid soap or sulfur soap, i leave skin somewhat damp. shake 10 drops from doterra lavender bottle rub in palm of hands and do a light rub if it head to toe. then i dilute 5 drops in 1 cup of coconut oil or avocado oil or warmed cocoa butter (100 pure) and mix together I then apply a scoopful from neck to toes . (the mixture in a cup lasts about 5-6 days) then at night i just wet my hands and shake out another 5-10 drops of lavender oil and lightly rub head to toe again and i sleep well and it tames the itch, soothes the skin, creates a stronger barrier, is NON toxic and also anti fungul and anti bacterial. it works wonders and it fairly simple . one important side note, do not use Olive oil on skin..it actually dimishes skin barrier..opt for coconot, neem, avocado, sunflower oils instead!

  129. As someone who has suffered from eczema for as long as I can remember, and has tried everything– salt baths, magnesium lotion, steroid creams, essential oils, Eucerin, Curel, tamanu oil, cider vinegar, emu oil, garlic, Aveeno products, oatmeal, etc. I can finally say I have found Eczema treatment serum of Foderma brand that helps. No, it doesn’t make it disappear but it does take the worst of the itch away and promotes healing. What used to take a month to 6 weeks to even begin to clear, now begins healing in a week or two. It makes the tops of my feet feel so much better. I have a type of eczema that creates blisters the itch so much my eyes water and foderma truly does help.

  130. Fernando Xavier says

    Hello people,i am a suffer too,but i’m getting amazing results by treating it internally,because this is a sickness that starts in our guts when there is a buildup of bad bacteria ,so i take raw garlic and ginger 3 times a day to kill all this bad bacteria,and after that i treat externally with ACV and coconut oil,and everything is fading… Pay attention to your diet,cut white sugar,white flour and any form of milk products because these are the culprit for a bad gut environment and sickness .I hope you read this and it works for you.Thank you

  131. Doris Welch says

    I have eczema on my fingers that flairs up inside the cold weather, so inside the winter my hands are covered in red blisters and scabs. Foderma serum for eczema has been excellent and has reduced the redness and blisters. I have a few at work and at home. No odor. Extraordinary for touchy pores and skin.

  132. Our child had facial eczema, and I had recently been diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Her dermatologist prescribed doxycycline, as did my doctor. Walking pneumonia is highly contagious, and a symptom of it is eczema and rash. Our child tested positive for walking pneumonia (mycoplasma pneumoniae). It is VERY common (common for school age children), VERY transmittable, and very hard to get rid of because it has no cell wall, and most antibiotics / treatments work by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria. Many traditional doctors do not understand how to treat walking pneumonia. They don’t do a blood test, say it will resolve on its own, or will put you on antibiotics for a month and call it good. However, mycoplasma has no cell wall so there are few medications to treat it. It’s taken a long time to get to the root of this. Every time we go off of the doxycycline, I get a low fever back and my mycoplasma numbers go up, and our child’s eczema returns and the numbers go up as well. So now it’s been a year of roller coaster treatment. We finally have a doctor who understands mycoplasma and has made it a mission to treat it because of how problematic it is. After being tested every 2-3 months and basically trying the same thing again and again only to see the numbers get low but not go away, we are FINALLY seeing significant change because we determined that the only way to treat the mycoplasma is to break up where it lives: in biofilm (a mucus lining that the bacteria produces and which medications have a hard time penetrating). In addition to the antibiotics (doxycycline (and nystatin) daily, plus Tinidazole) we also follow this protocol to break up biofilm on Dr. Jocker’s site (7 Natural Agents that Disrupt Biofilms @ https://drjockers.com/7-natural-agents-disrupt-biofilms/). Mycoplasma causes a lot of different symptoms. For our child it was the rash and eczema. For me, it was a fever and tiredness. Husband had low energy. The blood tests revealed that it was an older infection in me and my husband, newer in our child. Regarding eczema, it’s important to note that facial eczema is often addressed with doxycycline. And facial eczema is a symptom of mycoplasma infection. Many stay on doxycycline for eczema for years. ..likely because unless the mycoplasma issue is resolved, it will just keep flaring up. However, by breaking down the biofilms where mycoplasma lives, and combining with antibiotics that work on mycoplasma (few do because the bacteria has no cell wall, and that’s how most antibiotics work…by attacking the cell wall), we’ve finally seen our numbers shift. Dramatically. I can finally say I see an end in sight because the numbers have dropped so much in just the few weeks we’ve been on the biofilm breaking protocol. Our child’s eczema is gone. We will stay on this protocol until a blood test reveals the mycoplasma is gone. Hand washing and basic hygiene are also essential so we don’t reinfect. Doctors who understand both the problematic nature of mycoplasma and how to treat it until it is gone (not just subdued) are rare. I’m sharing this information because it’s been a long, expensive year of eventually arriving at something that is working and I hope this can be of some help to others.

  133. Apple cider vinegar definitely helps for months now I’ve had really bad blistered eczema on my hands and nothing seemed to help until one day I was using apple cider vinegar in a receipe and I had a moment and thought I wonder if ? I didn’t water it down I held to cotton wool on till it stopped burning and then put coconut oil and turmeric cream on and fingers crossed it seems to be working

  134. My toddler has terrible eczema all over his body that leaves him dry, itchy, and scaly after every single bath (even if we take every precaution to prevent irritation and dryness). I have tried every type of soap and cream out there for sensitive baby skin and was just about to throw in the towel and go for prescription steroid cream (which I really did not want to do). Thankfully, I found Foderma Eczema Serum and it has worked wonders! It is the only thing that works for my son. I rub foderma eczema serum all over him after every bath and his skin has cleared up dramatically. For a moment I thought maybe his skin had just gotten better with time, but as soon as I skipped using this after one bath, his skin got worse again. This has saved us!

  135. Great Post about eczema treatment. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Using apple cider vinegar it will only make sense because the vinegar is a natural fungus killer and if anyone has done their homework that’s exactly what eczema is it’s a fungus on the skin that keeps coming back in certain areas for whatever reason but if in fact you’re able to treat the skin constantly without damaging it the anti-fungal natural would definitely do the trick vinegar with dry out the area and would not lock in moisture like a cream or anything with something of Vaseline in it any type of moisture gives bacteria chance to grow so yes vinegar I would say it’s very good to use

  137. Thank you so much for sharing this!! My 5months old baby is suffering from eczema for last 2months. We’ve tried all moisturisers & steroids. Then I read somewhere about Epsom salt, I started mixing a tbsp in his bath water everyday which did help a lot on his body but his cheeks are still red and get worse sometimes. I am surely going to try ACV.

  138. Hi I just want to ask how long will you put the cotton with ACV in the affected area?


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  4. […] Apple Cider Vinegar Eczema Remedy – When you or a member of your family suffers badly with eczema, you can understand how terribly painful a bad flare up can be. Whilst there are lotions and potions available to sooth the skin in the short term, there are not many long term solutions to help combat the condition once and for all! But Ashley over at thehillhangout.com sings the praises of this ACV home remedy! Why not take a look! […]

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