Summer Activities: Picking Blueberries

The girls and I took a little road trip yesterday to Harpersville, Alabama, home of Morgan Creek Vineyards. We were looking for a place to pick blueberries. What we found in Harpersville was an incredibly beautiful well-kept secret! As we pulled up, I felt like we were entering another world, and it was enchanted. 
We stopped for a few pictures before we started picking. It was so hot that we knew better than to do our photo-op afterward. Nobody enjoys pictures of cranky, whiny, sweaty, red-faced children. Or cranky, sweaty, red-faced mamas.
Their bushes were laden with blueberries, some not quite ready and some plump, sweet and ready to be eaten. They don’t use any pesticides, so the lady said they were safe to eat right from the bushes and that we could eat as many as we wanted.
Blueberry picking was a terrific activity for my little Pitter Patter. There were plenty of berries within her reach, and she was proud to have something she could do just as well as the big girls. She said, “Mommy, dis is so much fun!”
The farm has a shady resting spot, complete with a cooler of ice water and a nice big swing. It seems like they have thought through every detail. It was a much needed respite from the scorching sun.
Morgan Creek offers all kinds of fun activities, and they are very family-friendly. They are a working winery, growing their own grapes, blueberries, and muscadines. They offer wine-tastings with several different “Southern-style” wines. They do weddings and rehearsal dinners. In May, they did an art show called Art In The Vineyards featuring Alabama artists. They do outdoor summer concerts, where you can bring a picnic and enjoy the music on their vast green lawn. Their July 4th concert (held on July 3rd) features live music and a fireworks show. In September, they have their biggest yearly event called Grapestomp. They stomp grapes the old-fashioned way. They even have a “Lucy-look-alike” contest. How hilarious is that!?! (Do you remember the episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel stomp grapes?) The girls and I can’t wait to take Jonathan back to this lovely little find.


  1. I can see what you mean about entering a different world! Wow…that place is gorgeous..just like a magazine article! How very fun!


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