Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

Everyday clothes are my jam. If you know me in real life, you know this is how I look if I’m running errands, going out for dinner, attending Bunco or a Sunday school party, etc. These looks truly are my everyday clothes. For those of you who want to follow along, I bring you Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter. I’ll link to sources in case you want to purchase.

TunicSimilar ScarfSimilar JeansSimilar Leopard Clutch

Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

White Piko TopJeansBooties – Scarf (Sold out, but similar here)

Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

DressSimilar Gold Cuff BraceletSimilar Black Suede Boots

Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

Heart of Dixie TeeRed ConverseLucy’s Lockets Cuff

Fashion Over Forty: Everyday Looks for Winter

Plaid Vest (Old Navy – sold out) – Gray Piko TopHunter Rain BootsSimilar Crossbody Bag

And while fashion is fun, the very best items you can put on everyday are kindness, humility, grace, truth, and the armor of God. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Take a look at Ephesians 6.

Best of The Best Disney Rides

Here at The Hill Hangout we’re all about some travel. Between my parents jobs, my soccer tournaments, my sister’s soccer tournaments, and all the little weekend getaways we do a lot of traveling. Disney is somewhere we’ve been before and loved it! Along the way we’ve ridden a lot of rides, so we thought today we’d share with you some of our favorites. Welcome to the Best of The Best Disney- Rides Edition.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

The Barnstormer- Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom- This rollercoaster is perfect for those who are new to the whole jig. Those smaller kids, grandparents, or unsure adults on your trip can figure out whether or not they like rollercoasters as much as you do. Its a small coaster so it won’t be too traumatizing if its not enjoyable. 😉


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor- Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom- This attraction is one of our family’s favorites. It is good, clean jokes that make your kids laugh so hard they might wet their pants. It is a great thing for the whole family to enjoy and it’s a different show every time, so you can go back again and again.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Rock-N-Rollercoaster- Hollywood Studios- This coaster is the grandaddy of them all. It is only for those who think they can go the distance and really ride. It’s in the dark, but you do get to sit by your friends! If you’re single, or hate waiting in lines, then the single rider line is available for this ride.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

The Circle of Life- Animal Kingdom- This show is a really great one! It’s a spin-off of the crazy popular movie, The Lion King. It encompasses life-size puppets, amazing singers, and yes, even trampoline “monkeys”. It is a fun show for all ages and is great for large groups.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Kilimanjaro Safaris- Animal Kingdom- This ride is so amazing! You get to ride through the african safari on an open-air car and see live safari animals. it is great for all ages and especially the animal lovers in your crew. It isn’t intense like a rollercoaster, so don’t worry about crying kids.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Soarin’- Epcot- This ride really is neat. It takes you on a hang-gliding tour through some of the most well-known attractions in the world. See the Great Wall, the Sidney Oprah House, and many other famous destinations. This is a popular ride in Epcot, so it’s a good idea to get fast-passes ahead of time.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Splash Mountain- Fronteirland in Magic Kingdom- We’ve never been to the Disney water parks, but we’ve heard great things. Our favorite water-like ride is Splash Mountain. You might want to bring out the ponchos for this one folks because you might get a little wet. We have been so pleased with this mountain along with its sister rides, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.


Best of The Best Disney Rides from

Epcot Character Spot- Epcot- For those kiddos who love to get their autograph books signed, this it the place to go. You get to see several classic Mickey Mouse Disney characters all at one time here! It is inside so a great break form the heat if you’re struggling. When we went, the lines weren’t too long, but that could have just been the time of day. Epcot is a great park to meet other characters as well, such as Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, and Snow White in their corresponding countries.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite Disney rides! If you’re hungry for more, check out Best of the Best Disney Food and 5 Things That Will Save Your Disney Trip . See y’all next time!
XOXO, Mary Anneliese

Best of the Best Disney Rides from

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