Abram and Sarai and Marriage and Comfort

I’ve always been enthralled by the story of God calling Abram to leave his home and family and follow God to a place that He would show him. Abram was from the area we now know as Mesopotamia – the land of the nomads. The theological belief of most of the nomadic people was polytheism – the belief in many gods, each of whom controlled a different aspect of the world. It was common practice that if one had a desire – a baby, say – then one would pray to the fertility god and offer gifts and sacrifices to that god. But if one also needed safety for a journey, one would call on the god of travel. This would have been common practice for Abram, his family, and all those with whom he lived in community.

That’s why it has always been so significant to me that when God called Abram to follow Him to a land that He would show him (Genesis 12: 1-2), that Abram recognized the voice of the One True God, turned his back on polytheism, and followed God without knowing where he was going. Amazing faith, right?

But until today, I’d never noticed much about Sarai’s part in Abram’s calling. Read with me from Genesis 12:4-5…

So Abram went, as the LORD had told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran. And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had gathered, and the people that they had acquired in Haran, and they set out to the land of Canaan.

God called Abram, and Abram obeyed quickly, without hesitation, submissively, and fully – even when he’d only known a religion of many gods before. Sarai went with Abram supportively, though she’d only had the same religious beliefs before God’s call to Abram. She didn’t command that the LORD also speak to her; it was enough for her that He’d spoken to Abram. I love Matthew Henry’s commentary on this, “If Abram leave all to follow God, Sarai will leave all to follow Abram. And it was a mercy to Abram. It is very comfortable when husband and wife agree to go together in the way to heaven.”

Abram walks so closely with God that Sarai is able to trust his judgement, even when it doesn’t make sense to her. What a beautiful picture of a wife who honors her husband, and in so doing honors God!

Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls

Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

At our church we have bible study groups called D-Groups. They are small groups of 3-6 girls and a leader. During the year we meet together every week to go through a bible study and just hang out. We’ve done a bunch of great books, so I thought I’d share them with you in Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls. Summer is a great time to do a bible study because you have more time and can really slow down to spend time with God. I hope you find these books helpful in digging in and immersing yourself in the love of God.


Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

I am kinda weird in that I find learning about people in the Old Testament more interesting than learning about people from the New Testament. When I saw this Bible study on Hannah, I knew it would be great! I really enjoyed learning about Hannah and the trust in God that she displays. This study can be used for a group, but I just did it on my own. It is easy to divide into sections depending on how much time you have that day.


Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

This book by Kari Kampakis would be a great one to read! I read it in the fall and loved it! It talks about how our social status doesn’t determine our worth or how much God loves us. It is in more of a book/chapter form with questions at the end of each chapter. It is a great one for groups, but reading it by itself is great too!


Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

I didn’t have a picture of this one because we got the ebook, but it is probably my favorite one out of all of these. It’s the true life story of a girl named Edie who struggles her whole life to find her Jesus. She sees what Jesus does or doesn’t mean to others and struggles through life’s ups and downs to find Him. It is an amazing story and I HIGHLY recommend. I thought it was just a book originally, but in the back there are discussion questions, so you can do it with a group.


Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

This book has been through some controversy. You can ask anyone else in my D-Group and they will say that they don’t like this book. I, however, loved it!! I loved learning about different women in the Bible and their encounters with Jesus. It really taught me a lot about them! I did this in a group format, but I’m sure that you can just get the student guide and be perfectly fine.


Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

Being homeschooled a lot of friends don’t just come to you. Since you’re not sitting in class with them everyday, working on group projects, and eating with them at lunch you have to make an extra effort to be their friend. You’ll have those few rare ones that will want to be friends with you, but most of the time you have to want to be friends with them first. This book looks really good for teaching you how to start friendships and keep them. I am thinking about doing this study this summer, so join along if you’d like better friendships too!

That wraps up our talk abut Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls! I hope you’ll start a Bible study this summer and dig in to God’s good Word. If you’d like to check out more from me click here. Follow our social channels @TheHillHangout to see what we’re up to this summer.
XOXO, Mary Anneliese

Summer Bible Studies for Teen Girls from TheHillHangout.com

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