Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, everybody! While I have a little more computer work to do today before I can officially start my weekend, I’m ready for it! Today is a work-from-home day for me. That means I am able to go ahead and put on my weekend wear. Glory!

This long cardi is one of the best purchases I’ve made at Target.com recently. It is part of their Knox Rose collection. It is super soft and goes great with casual or dressier outfits. And the price is $27.99. The subtle grey stripe is a little hard to see in the photographs, so here’s a close-up.

This cardi also comes in black with a white stripe, which would be really cute with a white tank and your favorite colored shorts. My favorite Bass Pro Shops shorts are still available in some great colors. The canyon rose and agate green would both be great with the black/white cardi.

Speaking of great Bass Pro Shops shorts, today I’m wearing the Easy River frayed hem shorts in antique wash. These are on clearance, so they are selling out fast.

And lastly, the two pairs of Burkenstock dupes that I love. I have had the Outwoods Bork-30 in vegan leather (Is this the gentrified name for “faux leather” that we are using now?) for two years. They have held up great, and I wear them EVERYDAY. They are my go-to when I come in from work and change clothes and shoes. I have them in pewter, but they have other really cute colors like silver, leopard, white, and snakeskin. They pewter are $27 and some change, but the prices differ slightly depending on the color.

However, in my Walmart.com haul, I scored the Time and Tru ones. They are available in cognac (which is what I got), black, floral, and rose gold. They are only $15, and they are more comfortable than the Outwoods ones. They have padding in the sole in three different places, and they are like walking on clouds. And unless you want the authentic Berks in the $75-$100 range, these “vegan leather” options are legit.

Happy weekend, guys!

Comfy and Cozy

Listen, you don’t have to twist my arm to bring you ALLLL the comfy and cozy looks. Comfy and cozy is kind of my specialty. So, when I ran across these two great sweatshirts on Walmart.com, I knew I needed to snatch them up. These are from the same line as the plaid top I showed you the other day (my best seller so far) and ALL the leopard pieces found here.

First up is the Time and Tru crewneck sweatshirt for less than $11. I chose it in a color called “apple juice” (so cute!!) but it comes in about seven or eight colors. The spiced cider and gem slate were GREAT colors, too. I got this one in XL because I wanted a baggy oversized sweatshirt. It’s pretty much what I live in during the fall and winter. (I wish Walmart.com did their clothes justice. Their pictures on this Time and Tru line are terrible compared to how great they look in person.)

I paired both of these looks with a pair of black leggings from Target (out of stock now), but my absolute favorite black (or any color) leggings of all time are these from Amazon. The fabric on these is fantastic, and they aren’t so breathtakingly tight. They are a great fit.

The white tank I’m wearing underneath the sweatshirts is this one, also from Amazon. It is amazing a drapey, and I wish I had it in aaalllllll the colors.

Next up is the Time and Tru zip up hoodie for just under $12. The thing I love about this hoodie is the range of colors it comes in. I got spiced cider, but I also love the studio blue. For cold months when I want to stay home and watch ballgames or run out to the grocery, this is an easy YES for me.

As always, thank you for shopping those affiliate links. It keeps this little space on the internet running.

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