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Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

One of the things we love to do when we travel is to eat all of the local food that we can. It really doesn’t matter to us if it’s a super fancy place or a hole in the wall, we just like to eat whatever the people who live there eat. A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Houston, which is a culinary delight. Houston has some FINE food! And the fact that they have many nationalities and ethnicities represented in their population lends to a wonderful variety of restaurants and styles of eating. And of course, their Tex-Mex is like no other! We ate at every Mexican joint we could find, and boy, was it ever incredible. One of the dishes we had that I came home wanting to try was Breakfast Tacos.

I’d heard about breakfast tacos before, but couldn’t really imagine that they would be good. I mean, Mexican food for breakfast just didn’t sound appetizing. But once I tried good, authentic breakfast tacos, I was hooked. Once I returned home, I couldn’t wait to make them for my family. But you know we couldn’t just make plain breakfast tacos, we had to make them ALABAMA STYLE.

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

The first step is to lay out your tortillas on individual pieces of aluminum foil because you will later wrap them to let them steam. This recipe is enough for 6-8- breakfast tacos.

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

For Alabama Style Breakfast Tacos, put about three tablespoons of butter in a skillet on medium heat.

Dice a half pound of Conecuh sausage, hot or mild, and throw in a half of a diced onion. Let them cook until the potatoes are tender – about 20-25 minutes.

In a separate bowl, scramble five eggs. Pour over skillet and season with house seasoning. Scramble it all together until eggs are cooked – about three minutes.

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

Spoon enough egg mixture on tortilla to cover half. Top with grated cheese if desired. Fold tortilla in half.

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

Wrap breakfast tacos in foil and let sit about two minutes to steam.

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

Open foil and add fresh pico de gallo or salsa to tacos. I usually make my own, but this time I tried out a new brand we found at Cosco. It was delicious!

Breakfast Tacos: Alabama Style from

You are ready to devour!

Breakfast Tacos are very versatile, and you can use any combo of your favorite breakfast meats, veggies, and cheeses. You can also add sour cream or a favorite sauce like jalapeno dip. I give you permission to make the recipe your own! 🙂

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