Clearing the Cobwebs

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There is an old writing trick that I have to employ sometimes: clearing the cobwebs. All writers go through a time, be it seldom or daily, when the writing doesn’t flow smoothly. There are words and phrases and concepts jumbled together in the brain, but they can’t seem to come together in a way that forms a coherent piece of writing worth reading. It’s at those times that an exercise in clearing the cobwebs can help.

It might look different for me than for other writers, and that’s okay. I like to pull up a blank screen on my computer and write something, ANYTHING, whether it’s coherent or just phrases for a few minutes. The writing doesn’t have to go together or be on the same topic. Just get words out of your brain and onto the screen. Sometimes it takes me 15-20 minutes to clear out enough junk writing that my “real” writing mojo starts to pull itself back together. It’s similar to the times my husband needs to turn off the water in our home to fix a leak. Once the leak is repaired and the water is turned on again, there are fits and starts while the air is cleared from the line. After a minute or two of clunking noises and sprays of water, normalcy returns and the water flows evenly again. Writing works the same way.

And my guess is that you have something in your life that works that way, too.

Maybe it’s finding your place in a particular area of ministry. Perhaps it’s restoring a relationship that’s broken. Or maybe taking the first few steps of that business you’ve been wanting to start. I’d be willing to bet that if you were willing to clear the cobwebs with those first clunky steps you know you need to take, the next few steps would suddenly become more clear and certain.

In which areas have you been stuck for need of clearing away a few cobwebs? I’d love to hear how you’re going to move forward.

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