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We all want our homes to be comfortable, beautiful, and places we are proud of. It’s part of our Proverbs 31 deal, right? However, furnishing a home can come at a hefty price. Let’s face it: furniture isn’t cheap. And long gone are the days when a good piece of furniture would last the lifetime of a family. In today’s economy, families are switching out furniture pieces to stay atop the going trends.

Out of necessity, I have become a bargain hunter on the furniture front. I simply don’t have the excess room in my budget to spend a ton on furniture. It’s a good thing my mom has been shopping this way for years and has shown me a few tips and tricks along the way. I’m happy to pass some of my sources and ideas to you in hopes that you can also furnish your rooms in a way you love without going into debt or creating financial stress. Our homes CAN be beautiful without breaking the bank. It only takes a little creativity and an whole lot of elbow grease. Let’s get started…

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Choose upholstered pieces carefully. Upholstered pieces like sofas and chairs can be among the most expensive pieces of furniture you’ll buy. Because of this, we should choose upholstered pieces that are a classic style and have a neutral fabric. Be sure that you really, really like the piece and will continue to like it for many years. If you choose a classic, timeless style of furniture, then you can pair them with less expensive trendier pieces to achieve the latest look. Neutral colored fabrics allow you to use throw pillows and blankets, which are relatively much less expensive, to bring in the season’s latest colors and patterns. From a bargain hunting perspective, should you ever pay more for upholstered pieces that are classic and neutral? Absolutely! Spending a little more up front to get pieces you won’t get tired of and that will last a long time will save you big bucks over having to replace these big ticket items. Sometimes spending more to get a timeless piece means saving money in the long run. (That said, Ikea is a fantastic resource for less expensive classic pieces. And they have a full line of slip covers for most of their pieces so that you can change a look without having to replace the piece.) You don’t, however, have to limit yourself to furniture stores only. Check online sites like Craigslist and Facebook trading sites. I have found some really good bargains on upholstered pieces on my local Facebook site. Just be sure that you ask up front about stains and smells like smoke or pet odors if those turn you off.

Layer in side tables, coffee tables, side chairs, and book cases in colors and materials that compliment your upholstery and rugs. Believe it or not, this is where I save the bulk of my decorating money. Thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, and Facebook trading sites are my go-to places for tables, chests, and book cases. With a little imagination, you can find a diamond in the rough. Look for pieces that are structurally sound or can be easily fixed. Sometimes a simple tightening of a screw can fix a wobbly leg or loose drawer, but screws that have pulled all the way through a piece are much harder to fix. Check pieces out well to be sure what you’re getting into. Try to look beyond the piece’s current appearance. Can you paint it to cover stains and add character? Would it look better with a hardware change? I have MANY pieces in my house that I have purchased at thrift stores for $10-$20 and freshened up with a little paint and/or distressing and/or glazing. Search Pinterest for inspiration ideas. Again, Ikea is your friend. A quick Pinterest search of “Ikea hacks” can show how a very basic, inexpensive piece of furniture can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Choose artwork that you love and that is meaningful to you. Once you have your large pieces layered into the room, you are ready to finish it out with artwork on the walls. While artwork isn’t technically considered furniture, I wanted to include a few tips here so that you can stretch those dollars as well. First of all, only spend money on artwork you LOVE. If you only like it a little bit in the store, you will only like it less and less over time, which means spending money to replace it. I’m a big fan of original artwork, which can get very expensive, so I try to use freebies or nearly freebies where I can to free up money I can spend on more expensive pieces. I have a gallery wall of black and white family photos in frames I bought from Target. It is a high-impact wall that I spent very little money on. And since I love the people in the photos dearly, I love the effect the photos have in my room. On an opposing wall, I have framed several paintings by my children. I give them paint in the colors I need and let them create a beautiful piece for me. Purchase an inexpensive frame, and you’re done. Again, it is art that I love and will keep for the long haul. Be creative in large wall spaces that require a large piece of art. I have a huge space over the TV in our den where I hung a 3 foot barn star. It cost me about $15 from Garden Ridge, and it suits the space perfectly. When it comes to artwork, think outside the box. Visit your local architectural salvage store for an interesting and unexpected piece to hang on the wall. Hang an old musical instrument you aren’t using anymore. Buy a scarf in colors you love and frame it. Print out artwork you love from the internet. Just be sure it isn’t a copywrited work that you need to pay royalties on. Frame illustrations from your favorite children’s books. If you are crafty or artistic, look around on Etsy for inspirational ideas, and paint them yourself. Frame old family heirlooms like Grandpa’s pipe, Great Grandma’s handkerchief, or baby’s Christening gown. Saving money by using a few of these tips will allow you to spend more money when you find the perfect painting you’ve been looking for.

What are some bargains you’ve come across that were perfect in your home?

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