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Sometimes I can’t believe my own good fortune that this little blog-writing gig brings me. The other night I arrived home to find that Burgers’ Smokehouse had sent me a package. I opened it to find a box full of three types of bacon and two types of baby back ribs. Needless to say, I ripped right into that box and within about 30 minutes I had bacon in the oven and baby back ribs on the grill. Happy dinner to the Hill family!

So here’s the story: E.M. Burger started smoking hams in the 1920s and sold them as a way to supplement his family’s farming income. By the early 1950s, he had expanded his sales to over 1000 hams each year. A few years later, the ham business was growing so rapidly that the Burger family gave up farming to focus entirely on smoking enough hams to keep up with demand.


Fast forward to 2013, and the company now produces over 750,00 hams yearly, along with bacon, sausage, and a dozen other specialty meats. Company president Steven Burger attributes much of the company’s success to the hard work of the earlier generations.

Burgers’ Smokehouse still sells their smoked meats locally to individuals and restaurants, but they also have a vibrant and growing website where orders can be placed and shipped all over the world. They carry dozens of different items that are ready to ship to your home or to ship as a gift to friends and family.


Burgers’ Smokehouse, of course, still carries their smoked hams, but their line now includes

They also carry a delicious assortment of bacons. Their bacons are a thicker cut than grocery store bacons, so they go a long way. We fed the entire family on half of a one pound package and saved the other half for another day. They sent us a pound each of the Original Country Bacon, Applewood Country Bacon, and Pepper Coated Original Country Bacon. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the best bacon we’ve ever eaten, and we’ve eaten a LOT of bacon. It was thick and flavorful. It fried in the oven to the perfect color, texture, and crispiness. They have a new collection on the website called the Bacon Connoisseur’s Sampler. It has six one-pound packages in an assortment of flavors for $65. I don’t know if you’ve bought bacon in the grocery store lately, but $65 for six pounds of bacon, especially gourmet bacon like this, is a steal!


And what a great gift idea for grandparents, out of town family, or the boss! And did you know there was such a thing as bacon steak?

They also sent us a slab of their Signature Sauced Baby Back Pork Ribs and a slab of their Dry Rub Baby Back Pork Ribs. Listen, my husband owns the daddy of all BBQ smokers, so we are no stranger to delicious ribs. Y’all, these were delicious ribs. I had my doubts about warmed-over ribs, but these were fantastic. I have to admit, I’m more of a sauced rib fan, but Jonathan likes the dry ribs better.  How much would your favorite clients love you if you sent them a couple of slabs of baby back ribs for the holidays?

I guess you can tell that I’m a big fan of Burgers’ Smokehouse. I’m already thinking about who to send some of their fabulous sausages, cheeses, and desserts (including many no-sugar-added choices). This might be the easiest Christmas shopping I’ve ever done!

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