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It’s been a while since I posted about our home remedy for eczema, but that post remains one of my most popular. When I first posted about using apple cider vinegar, I had no idea that number of people who suffered so from this condition! I will give you our story again in hopes that it might provide relief to other sufferers as well…

My little Pitter Pat has suffered with eczema since she was a baby. And listen, folks, I don’t use the term “suffer” lightly. It has been the biggest source of physical pain and misery she has had in her five years. Her case is especially bad in the summer, though it can flare up in any season. Though the dry air in winter does make it flare, she also has a HUGE reaction to the sunscreen, bug spray, and pool water during summer. Even the sand and salt water of the beach bring on tears of pain, itching, and burning. We have had our fair share of screaming and inconsolability over her eczema, and until now, we haven’t had much of anything with which to treat it. Lotion is okay, but any kind of fragrance only makes it worse. Hydrocortisone clears it up for the moment, but it thins the skin, only making it easier to break out the next time. We’ve tried castor oil, baby oil, Vasoline, Aquaphor, and even Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy cream. They each work in varying degrees to provide a little comfort, but nothing works log-term. As you might imagine, I have done hours of research on the internet, talking to our pediatrician, taking to other parents, and tried each of the many ideas I have gotten from them. Still no real solution.

Until the other day.

I came across the archives of an old chat board for skin issues. It was a LONG archives, but I was desperate after yet another round of tears over burning legs. One entry caught my attention because it was something I’d never tried before.

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The commenter was singing the praises of diluted apple cider vinegar for her child’s eczema. Her story sounded familiar to us, as she’d been through the same battles we have, but she vowed that apple cider vinegar not only treated her child’s eczema, but actually CURED it. Now, I can’t say yet whether it will cure eczema completely, but after trying it, I am also singing the praises of this treatment. **(We have been using this treatment for over a year now, and I’m happy to report that we only use it every three or four months now. For the most part, it has treated my daughter’s eczema so effectively that we rarely have to use it..)**

Here’s the deal: Dilute about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with about 3 cups of water. Saturate a cotton ball with the mixture, and apply it to the affected areas. **(I have since learned to apply with a spray bottle. So much easier, and it doesnt drip as badly.)** If it is a fresh spot, it’s going to BURN LIKE CRAZY, so be ready to blow on it. Diluting with more water will make it burn less, but will also prolong the healing process. However, patches that are a few days old shouldn’t be so bad. Apply it in the morning and again at night. Sure, you’ll smell like vinegar for a while (not too badly), but if you’ve ever dealt with eczema, you won’t care. For treating eczema on an adult, feel free to dilute as much or as little as you’d like. The higher the concentration of ACV< the more quickly it will heal. However, for treating eczema on children, please be mindful of how much pain it causes to their tender skin. If unsure, dilute dilute dilute!! Please understand that I am not a medical professional, and this little blog certainly does not give out medical advice. However, I am a mom that has had a miserable child, and I would LOVE to pass on what what worked for us to any other parents out there who has lived with the effects of eczema in their kiddos or themselves. If you’ve dealt with this problem and my remedy works for you, I sure would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email to let me know.


  1. I desired to express you a quick thanks for this useful info!

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you so much I will definitely try this , I understand the pain my one year old has been scratching and crying in the middle of the night because of yhe itching ,so much scratching has caused her skin to brake and at yime bleed

      • It seems we have the same problem with the one yr old. Itching til it bleeds. Please let me know if it does work, im deseparate to help my baby boy also.

  2. thanks for info I’ve been fighting this for few years and it makes me crazy, the itching so much to cause bleeding.

  3. Thank you so much!! I just tried this and it worked!! I’ve been suffering for a few years and I can’t take it anymore. It really helped and I will definitely keep it up. THANK YOU!!

  4. Amanda price says

    How long does it take before you see results?

  5. SO going to try this when my eczema flares up again. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I myself have suffered tremendously, now it is mostly an ingestional allergy, I will give it a try,

  7. After applying the vinegar i rinse it off the vinegar and then apply coconut oil to the effected areas. This calms the itching and burning for several hours and seems to help with the healing…. good luck!

  8. I can’t wait to try this. My daughter has had eczema since she was 6 months old. We literally have tried everything. She is now 8 years old and we are still trying stuff. I will let you know results. I too am curious how long it takes to notice a change?

  9. Just wondering, how do you store the solution? Room temperature or refrigerate? Thank you for this valuable post, I can’t wait to try when my daughter as a flare up!

  10. Thank you so very much for sharing! ! I am an adult who suffered with eczema for years unfortunately my son also appears to suffer from the same issue. He’s 5 n we’very been trying all kinds of treatments.

  11. Hi i am a naturopathic doctor for over 22 years and want to add that eczema in kids is often a sign of food allergies so if acv doesnt work then be sure to get them food allergy tested by an ND.

  12. Thank you so much……….works so good

  13. Ashley – Eczema is your body exhibiting an allergy. That is why topical solutions are generally temporary. My sister struggled with terrible eczema growing up and it finally went away when she quit eating wheat. Turned out to be true for my own children as well. But it’s worth the change!

  14. WOW thank you so much for this. I have struggled with eczema since I was about 5 years old (I’m 23 now) so I know exactly what you and your little mini me went through. I will absolutely try this method. I also use the ACV on my hair and scalp in the shower (after my hair has been thoroughly rinsed with water of course) and that stops an itchy scalp, if your baby also scratches her hair a lot that may help. But I never considered this method for my skin and I will be trying it. THANKS MOM! LOL

  15. Mrs Linda Crabbe says

    How interesting, my eldest daughter who’s 8 suffers from eczema,and has done since a baby. I like many others have tried various things off the shelf and priscibed but it seems to still come back….heat makes it worse but it appears in any weather. So reading this , I will be trying it. I feel for my daughter as she’s at the sensitive age where she’s hiding her legs and arms. I have friends who have suffered as kids too with eczema but happy to say they grew out it and so too did my husband. But if this helps I’m all for it.

  16. Anonymous says

    I suffered terribly with eczema when I was a child. I have more control of it now. However, I was stared breaking out on my hands. I went to dermatology and found out I am allergic to formaldahyde and fragrance. These chemicals are found in many items such as shampoo, lotions, conditioner, and even some bath soaps. I thought I’ll try baby items because they are supposed to be gentle. Surprise they also contained these items

  17. Has anyone suffering from eczema done a patch test? If not, do it!

    I suffered from “eczema” for over 20 years before doing a patch test. Turns out I am allergic to a common chemical preservative found in a myriad of household cleaners and health and beauty products. It’s called methylisothiazolinone , oh, and nickel too, but it’s in baby products especially baby wipes!, shampoos, conditioners, hand soap, dish soaps, laundry detergents. It’s nasty stuff.

    Try eliminating products that have this chemical in it and see what happens.

    I also highly recommend a patch test for everyone with “eczema” or dermatitis. Chances are good you’re allergic to MI or fragrance or formaldehyde (as mentioned by anonymous above) or even all of those chemical nasties.

  18. Claudine Rigney says

    Thank you for this tip, my daughter has been suffering since she was a few months old, she is 20 years old now. I have never come accross this aid as yet, will definately try it.
    Mrs R – Johannesburg

  19. Having a crazy flare up right now and out of cream this is a life saver thank you !

  20. I have eczema on the back of my neck that spreads into my hairline making it difficult to apply creams. I’ve been using diluted apple cider vinegar for about a year now and it truly works wonders and is so much easier to apply to my spots. I’m glad it’s working for your child as well.

  21. Nanette Rodriguez says

    I actually pour about a cup + of ACV (be sure to use ACV with ‘the mother’) into my bath most nights. It seems to stop the itch everywhere before it can get started. True, it stinks to high heaven but it’ll be your favorite purfume when your skin feels better!


  23. Stephanie says

    Thank you for posting this ! This worked so quickly and didn’t find many treatments that were simple easy and quick !

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