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“When you offer a product that people really want, they will drive hours to get it.” Jason Powell, owner of Petals from the Past, has discovered this from experience. Petals from the Past is a nursery in Jemison, AL, specializing in antique roses, old fashioned shrubs, hard-to-find perennials, and fruit plants. Gardeners from all over the southeast drive miles and hours to purchase plants for their gardens that they can’t find anywhere else.


It was a rainy, soggy day when we visited Petals from the Past, but even the rain couldn’t hamper the beauty of the landscape or the friendliness of the service. Jason and his staff know their stuff when it comes to plants and how to make them thrive. And with a 22 acre display garden, they must be doing something right.


While antique roses and old-fashioned shrubs are their specialty, Petals from the Past offers “regular” plants as well.


They have a full selection of shrubbery, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, flowering plants, and my personal favorite… succulents!


In addition to the plants, they offer iron garden ornaments, gorgeous clay and glazed pots, and a few pieces of garden furniture. I ADORE these chairs!!


Y’all, the whole place is just as charming as can be. How much would I LOVE a potting shed like this in my yard? It’s such a darling place for working with plants. Wouldn’t it be fun to have such a special place to create beautiful things for your yard?

Potting Shed

Not only do they offer plants and goodies for sale, but Petals from the Past prides themselves on being an educational source for gardeners. They offer seminars and classes throughout the year. And listen, I’m willing to learn from anybody who can get rosemary to grow like this…


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