You might or might not know that once upon a time I owned a little book store/gift shop in Mississippi. It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I loved every minute of choosing merchandise that I thought my customers would enjoy. When we would go to market, I would shop for hours and even days for the perfect items that I not only thought would sell, but that I’d love to have for myself.

Stationery was sort of my pet project. I adored choosing new lines of invitations, note cards, baby announcements, greeting cards, and enclosure cards. It was fun to help people put together the perfect paper goods for their announcement or celebration. Helping a new mom choose a design to announce her new little one to the world was a delight. We helped many a mom design just the right invitation to match her child’s birthday party theme. Those were good times, and the stationery was such a big part of them because it was your guests’ first impression of the celebration. Before they even showed up at the shower or party, they’d already had their first taste of what it would be like from the invitation. Yes, stationery became very important to me in those days. And I made sure my customers had only the best to choose from.

The days of helping customers choose paperie are long gone, but my love for stationery remains. In a time when hand-written notes and printed invitations have often been replaced by email or texting, a lovely piece of stationery shows someone that you think they are important. It takes time to write a gracious note of gratitude or send a hand-addressed invitation, and people feel special when they find them in the mailbox.

Not long ago, I came across an online company called Minted that specializes in beautiful paper goods. They have the most gorgeous wedding invitations, save the date cards, baby announcements, and such. I know it’s only July, but their lovely collection of Christmas photo cards caught my eye. For many people, Christmas cards are the only customized stationery purchased during the year. I have used the same sites year after year and am a little tired of the same old look, so I’m delighted to have a fresh, new option this year.

I wonder if I could convince Jonathan to go with a pink Christmas card? I think the Serendipity photo card is so pretty!


The Trimmed Wreath photo cards are so pretty.


Check out the In A Pear Tree design. LOVE!


This one is called Modern Headline, and I love the contrast of the black and white photo with the almost edible colors of the “Peace.”


Besides their lovely Christmas line, they also have a full line of party invitations. I wish I’d seen these precious owl invitations last year when we did an owl-themed party for Patterson. Look how CUTE this party is styled around the invitations!

How lucky is this graduate? Have you ever seen a more darling graduation party invitation? And they are such great inspiration for the matching decorations with SUCCULENTS!! How crazy creative and fun those are!

A Mint Graduation by Amanda, see more

A Mint Graduation board by Amanda. See more

I can’t resist showing you a few of their baby announcements. We are out of the baby business here, so it’s fun to look and ooh and ahh. The Chalkboard Stats announcement is precious!


The Introduced by Infographic is fun and creative!


But of course, I always come back to the sweet and simple. I ADORE the Sweet Garden announcement.


I’ll admit, in the past I’ve been a bit of a stickler when it came to wedding invitations. I liked them traditional and ivory with few adornments. However, I really cannot pass up some of Minted’s very creative, very tasteful wedding ensembles.

The Banner and Branches invitation has a great vintage look!


I also thought the Sweet Florals invitation was nice.


The Sloane invitation is a more traditional look, and there are several option on paper shape and the color of the monogram medallion.


The next time you need personalized paper, take a look through the vast collections at Minted. I will be placing my order this week for a few new sets. I bet you’ll find something you love as well.

The very kind people at Minted are sending me a few items in exchange for this post, but the opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

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