A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet

I was tickled when I came home last night after a day full ‘o the cray-cray and discovered a package waiting for me. Is there anything more thrilling than receiving a package you weren’t expecting? Just as soon as I could get the girls settled into baths and bedtime snacks, I carefully tore into the box to see what kind of surprise was inside.



It was my friend Sophie’s new book.

I might have squealed a little in delight.

You all might know Sophie better by her blog name, BooMama. She writes all sorts of goodies about life in the south, life in a family, and life in the Lord. She is hilarious to the core. She will make you howl with laughter and then spin you right into Truth so fast you never saw it coming. But you’ll be nodding your head in agreement just the same. She’s just a gem of a writer.

You know what makes Sophie’s book so fun to read? Her people are my people. She writes the words I’d say about my people if I could. And in a world where the south is presented in the media as uneducated and backward, Sophie celebrates the wonderful treasures we have below the Mason-Dixon line – humor, family values, rich traditions, and good food. If you’d like a sample, you can read the first chapter here.

While Sophie’s book won’t hit the shelves in your local bookstores until June 4th, you can pre-order a copy (or 12) of A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet: Southern Stories of Faith, Family, and Fifteen Pounds of Bacon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-A-Million. Y’all order one for your mama for Mother’s Day!!


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