Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

I don’t know about your area, but I can’t say that we’ve had the most colorful leaf-changing season in Birmingham this year. There are pockets of gold, sure, but not a huge display of color as in years past. It’s a shame because we’ve been studying leaves in botany and have been waiting anxiously to have some hands-on activities and discussions. So today I wanted to take the littles somewhere to see if we could improve on our autumnal experience. Somewhere a little more rustic than our back yard.

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is about 25 miles away, so we decided today would be a good day to check it out. We discovered a magical oasis, privately tucked away in the forests of Pinson. The land was secured by the state of Alabama several years ago as part of the Forever Wild initiative.


Isn’t is lovely? We played in the water, climbed on the rocks, and hiked the trails. We were able to photograph lots of species of leaves for our leaf study notebook. We were quite impressed by this well-kept secret.

I feel like even though I’ve lived in Birmingham for years, there is still more waiting to be discovered. Do you have hide-aways like this in your area?


  1. Suzanne Moore says

    Hey Ashley! We took the kids to Turkey Creek last summer with cousins to swim and they loved it! Just a different venue for fun for them and we had a nice picnic lunch! I realized I was a little too old for the rapids in the innertube though..haha! Great post! Blessings, Suzanne

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