A Weekend of Celebrations

I sure do hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are in the after-party-crash mode around here, complete with naps and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Before I forget all the details, let me record them here.

First of all, it was ballet program weekend. Y’all, the Briarwood Ballet has been such a blessing and outlet of worship for us. I simply adore the way they teach the girls that dance is something we do as an act of worship to God, and everything they do oozes that philosophy. We don’t have a “recital”, we have a full-length ballet that usually comes straight from scripture. This year was a take-off on the story of Joseph. It was breathtakingly beautiful. And boy oh boy can those high school girls dance! And the littles, like my own, aren’t half bad either 🙂 This year we were in the Saturday 7:00pm show.

We were all so proud of our dancer, but baby sister was especially happy for her.

The ballet is always on Mother’s Day weekend, which works out great for our family. The grandparents are always in town for the ballet, so we get to have everyone over for Mother’s Day lunch at our house. This year we had both of my parents and Jonathan’s mother with us. We had to keep the party indoors this year because of rain, but we still had a really nice time.

The menu included:

Chicken Salad Croissants
Corn Salad
Crunchy Romaine Salad
Spicy Feta Dip with Pita Chips
Fruit Parfaits with Chocolate Topping
Pink Lemonade Cake

I can’t believe I didn’t get a single picture of the mothers, but I did snap a cute shot of my dad with two of his favorite granddaughters.

My husband brought home some pretty flowers. I loved the whites and greens.

I adore a handmade Mother’s Day gift. MA’s sweet Sunday school teachers had them make these for their moms. The flower is an ink pen. It makes me happy!

Patterson’s class had their art show last week at school. I convinced her teacher to let me bring home all of her art work so that we could hold our own art show since all of her grandparents would be here to see it. We added some of big sister’s work to it, and we had a nice little gallery in our hallway.

As part of our classical studies unit, MA did a set of drawings of Greek gods and goddesses. I loved this drawing of Mt. Olympus she did to go along with them.

She also did a series on the seven days of creation.

Pitter Patter painted lots of fun works this year. Arts and crafts was one of her favorite parts of preschool.

I’ve used DeepSpaceSparkle.com for art ideas this year. She did this castle project in water color, but we used oil pastels for ours.

ArtProjectsForKids.org is another great inspiration website for art project ideas. We used Kathy’s idea for this many-colored hands project.

Pitter Patter’s teacher saved their very first piece of art work from their first day of school. They could draw anything they wanted. Patterson chose “a door.” She actually went through a door-drawing phase, and this must have been during that time. I had forgotten all about it until I saw this drawing. We got a big kick out of it.

After such a big weekend, it has been nice to take naps this afternoon and chill for a little while. After my time on the treadmill, I came upstairs to find somebody in my kitchen. Ha! There goes my treadmill workout. But those chocolate chip cookies my girl made (with a little help from her daddy) were worth every step.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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