Field Trip to Space Center

Hands-on learning is so much more fun than lecturing or reading, so since we’ve been studying the space race in science, we took a field trip to Huntsville this week to the Space and Rocket Center. We’ve been before, but this time was more educational than last time because we’ve actually studied the material beforehand. Having the back story made the exhibits so much more fun to see. Behold! We actually knew what we were looking at! We went with the intent of Mary Anneliese taking notes for a paper on the space race. And we did get that done…

but we had a lot of fun in the process!

BittyGirl climbed “Olympus Mons,” the largest volcano on Mars.

The last time we went to the Space Center was in February (I think) and it was COLD, COLD, COLD! None of the rides and simulators were working that day because of the extreme temperatures. But this time, although it was still pretty chilly, they were open. Patterson shocked us all when she declared that she wanted to ride the rocket blaster ride. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I figured I better get her on it before she backed out. She watched Mary Anneliese ride it one time, and then she jumped on and rode five more times.

We had a ball and got some great notes for a research paper. All in all, it was a really fun school day!

Have y’all been to the Space Center? Do you know of other fun day-trips that we could do in or around Alabama? Do tell!


  1. We went in May of 2010 and loved it. It’s fun for the little ones and the young at heart.

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