Lazy Days of Summer? I Don’t Think So!

I tell you what, summer has turned out to be our busiest season yet! But with lots and lots of fun with friends and family, we wouldn’t trade these busy days for all the rest in the world! The craziness began last week with vacation Bible school at Shades Mountain Baptist Church. Shades does Bible school RIGHT. It’s always a ton of fun, but boy do they ever teach truth from God’s Word as well. Once again, I was in charge of crafts for the first-fifth graders and we had a BLAST!

The boys were so funny this year. They really surprised me by getting into the crafts much more than in previous years. Usually the boys would rather not even go to craft time, but they were good sports and actually had a great time.

Mary Anneliese and her friends held a lemonade stand to raise money for our VBS charity. This year we raised money for the Christian Service Mission to be able to provide microwaves for tornado victims. The girls raised over $30.

Wednesday night was Family Night, a fun time when the children lead in worship and they show videos of VBS week. We all have dinner together, and it’s a really awesome time to see what the kids have been doing all week.

Little Peanut gladly stood with her choir, but wouldn’t take her thumb out of her mouth to sing. Little stinker!

I guess I can’t blame her too much – she was exhausted. She looked like this almost everyday on the way home.

After a semi-restful weekend, we started soccer camp this week.

Mary Anneliese was able to go to soccer camp at Samford University, along with two of her soccer teammates. These girls played together last year, and they have all three signed on to play in their first competitive league next year. Rec league was fun, but they are ready to step up their game, and I am so proud of them for taking on the challenge. They will be practicing three night for an hour and a half, and then playing games on Saturdays. I hope we aren’t getting in over our heads, but she really wants to do it so J and I are willing to give it a try.

Patti and I would drop her off everyday and find some fun of our own to get into. One day she wanted cheese dip, so we wound up at Chuy’s at 10:45. Only for her! By 3:30 every day my girls were wiped out!

Patti decided she wanted to do schoolwork this week, so we bought her a new Summerbridge workbook. She has completed about ten days worth of material, and she is so proud of herself! Who knew Snow White knew so much about shapes and numbers?

By yesterday afternoon, we had all had enough of camps and being tired. We crashed early and woke this morning to meet some friends at the pool. We have spent the afternoon watching TV and eating and napping. THIS is what summer is all about!

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