Saturday (err… Monday) Confessions

Melissa at A Familiar Path has started a new series called Saturday Confessions. It’s a fun little meme where we get to confess, clear the air, and get it all out there. Here goes nothing…

1. I freely admit that I spent way too much time this weekend working on my blog. I was involved in that majorly LONG post you see below this one about the great things Birmingham has to offer. Writing those 2000 words + trying to figure out the semantics of a new website = too much time NOT playing with my family. I’ll do better this week.

2. Since #1 was going on, I haven’t gotten around to writing this Saturday Confessions post until late Monday night. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me these days! 🙂

3. VBS starts next week. I am in charge of craft projects for about 550 kids. While it is all planned, I have not bought supplies or started putting projects together. I guess I’ll get on that since I’m now completing #1 and #2 above.

4. Watching what I ate over the weekend? Yeah, that didn’t happen either. I’ll work on that right after I get done with #3 above.

5. There really isn’t a #5, but I hated to end on #4.

Whew. I think I really do feel better after getting all that off my chest. 🙂 What do you need to confess?


  1. Hard to balance everything, isn’t it? (But your staycation list looks good!)

  2. melissa stover says

    oh i don’t think i’m ready for vbs this year. man, i’m getting old and lazy.

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