Paradise Restored

Sorry for the delay in posting, guys! It seems that every time I had a chance to post over the last week, Blogger was too slow or not working at all. However, it’s back up and running now, so I’ll try to crank out a post while my luck is good.
We had a special treat on Mother’s Day weekend. Briarwood Ballet hosted their end-of-the-year ballet, which was a very lovely event for Mary Anneliese to be a part of. This year’s ballet was called Paradise Restored. What a perfect message for tornado-damaged Birmingham to hear! Mary Anneliese said, “Mama, last week was paradise lost for so many people, and we’re showing them that God will restore them!” Preach on, little one.
Paradise Restored told the story of Jesus, from creation to resurrection. It was the entirety of the gospel set to dance. The story of God’s creation, man’s fall from grace, and Christ’s redeeming death and resurrection were the center of this beautiful dance.
At Briarwood, the third grade year is the year you get to perform with the “big girls” in their ballet. No more junior performances for these sweet girls. They are in the big leagues now.

Once again this year we participated in a homeschool class. All of the students in her class are homeschooled, which has been a nice support system. I have enjoyed visiting with other homeschool families while the girls do ballet each week. And the girls LOVE that all of the girls in their class do school just like them.
When I look back on MA’s childhood, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Briarwood Ballet has been one of the highlights. We are so thankful that these girls have learned to praise God with dance. He is worthy of their beautiful worship!


  1. Those pictures are soooo sweet!

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