Mother’s Day Garden Party Brunch

I wanted to do something a little different for our Mother’s Day celebration this year. In years past, we have gone out for lunch or made a big, heavy Christmas-type meal at home. One year Jonathan grilled shish-ka-bobs. And last year my Mom made lunch for me. What a treat.

This year we are blessed to have both of our mothers here for the weekend. As I tried to think of a fun, fresh way to celebrate, my mind kept going back to Abby’s post about the dinner party under the stars that her sister-in-law threw for her. After a little thinking, I came up with the idea for a garden party brunch.

We are going to hold this shindig in the back yard, with a setting much like Abby’s (minus the horse farm :)). I think it will be quaint and festive. I wanted to keep the menu light and Mother’s Day-ish, so we’re going with

I can’t wait until Sunday! I’ll post pictures when we’re finished partying.

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