Spring Soccer Saturdays

Soccer season started a few weeks ago. We missed our first game, and then we were off for two weeks for spring break. So Mary Anneliese played in her first game of the season on Saturday. We watched the weather all morning for fear that we would be rained out. We had a little rain delay, so we hung out in the back of my car for a while.

Once the rain subsided and the game ahead of us finished, my girl hit the field! She has missed soccer since their last game of the fall season. 
She played forward most of the game. It’s her favorite position, and the one she is best at. She loves being in the middle of the action and she doesn’t back down to girls who are bigger than her. She’s aggressive and fun to watch!
She has some great little girls on her team. And we love her coaches. She has the same coaches as last season. They all have daughters on the team and are so encouraging to the girls.
For the first time ever, my girl clocked a short time as goalie. I have to say, I was a nervous wreck the whole time she was in as goalie! Fortunately (for me) her team has an aggressive offense, and they kept the ball on the other end of the field the whole time. Whew!
I think you can tell by her face that she loves the game! She was happy with  6-2 win over a very good team from Clay. She contributed one of those goals, which makes the day for her!
We have all missed soccer since the fall season. She has missed playing and practicing, and her daddy and I have missed watching her. We’re glad to be back for the spring season.

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