Children’s Book Review: Thank You, God, For Mommy

I love it when Tommy Nelson sends me new children’s books to review! I adore reading to my girls, and they love it as well. The newest book Tommy Nelson sent me is called Thank You, God, For Mommy. As the Mommy in this household, what’s not to love about a book like that?

Thank You, God, For Mommy is a sweet board book written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Frank Endersby. It’s the story of a little panda who is thankful to God for the way his Mommy loves and cares for him. Written in a rhyming style, which is so pleasing to young readers, this book is a precious way to celebrate mothers everywhere.

It begins, “Thank you, God, for Mommy./We’re just the perfect pair-/I couldn’t find a better Mom/If I searched everywhere!” When I read it to my girls, my little one said, “Mommy, this book is about you!” What a sweet compliment. I’m glad it helped her appreciate how much her Mommy really does adore her.

Thank You, God, For Mommy is scheduled to ship to bookstores on April 5.

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