Glorious Saturday

Y’all, today was a glorious Saturday in the Deep South. It was 74 degrees and the sky was the most beautiful shade of BLUE. The Lord must have known His kiddos needed a break from the cold, grey days we have been having. It was enough of a reprieve to renew our spirits. The carrot of spring has been dangled in front of us, and we can keep on keeping on until it gets here.
We chose to ignore the dishes and laundry and vacuuming and stay outside all day instead. I think we chose wisely. We wore shorts and sandals and sunglasses. Happy day!!
We burned off our store of energy by doing lots of tricks on the trampoline. Even Mama took a turn. Sorry, no pictures of that one.

We played a family game of soccer. It was Bitty and Mommy against Daddy and Pitter Pat. I’m not so sure who won, as PattiGirl kept picking up the ball and running away.

We rode trikes, and finally got the hang of it. I went inside to get dinner started, and when I came back out, Jonathan had somehow taught PattiGirl to steer and pedal. She was pretty good at it, and she was SO PROUD of herself.

Bitty finally got a chance to try out her new bike that Santa brought her. 
I spent a lot of time here soaking up the vitamin D. Oh, how I have missed my sanctuary while it’s been cold.

Hope the weather where you are was as beautiful and that you were able to enjoy it! Happy Saturday, all!


  1. It was a beautiful day here in Mississippi, too!! I think Spring is teasing us!! Hopefully we will see those beautiful blue skies again in the future! Love the pictures!

  2. The Youngbloods says

    Wasn't it great?! We spent the whole day outside too! Thank you Lord for a beautiful day!

  3. As I'm reading this post Jon David is in my lap (surprise, surprise) and he is saying "bitty, bitty" like she can hear him…

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