Is It Friday Already?

Now there’s a question you don’t hear very often! Maybe “Is it Monday already?” or “Isn’t it Friday yet?” is more common, but I have to say that this week has flown by for us. We have school-ed and ballet-ed and gymnastic-ed and soccer-ed and church-ed so much this week that Friday sort of took us by surprise. Not that we are complaining, mind you.

A couple of things…

I took the girls to the McWane Center (our children’s science museum) this morning. We ran into some of Mary Anneliese’s friends that were in her ballet class last year. They don’t take ballet this year, and we have missed having them in class so much. It was a great treat to get to spend the morning with Zoe and Lexi.

We ran by the nursing home to see my little grandmother this morning. She is 88 years old and because of a major stroke a few months ago, she is not able to live at home or with her children any longer. It was a heartbreaking decision for my parents and my dad’s family to put her in a nursing home, but they were just unable to care for her at home. That being said, I was so pleased when I saw her today! She looked and felt great. Her physical therapists are on the ball with her. They felt like she was not responding to therapy very well because she was over-medicated. They worked with her doctor to pull back on some of her meds, and she is so much better. She was able to feed herself her entire breakfast this morning, which she hasn’t done in many months. She is not able to talk, but she was still able to comminucate today. It’s amazing how she doesn’t have to use words to get her message across. Such an improvement for her! We hate that she is not able to live at home, but are so incredible grateful hat she does have a nursing and therapy staff who love her and look out for her best interest. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a facility available where we trust the people taking care of her!

My big girl and her Daddy have a date tonight to a Samford University girls soccer game. They love to go see the big girls play and then strategize how they can work some of those moves into her game. So funny!

Friday night is eating-out night at our house.  We’d rather try a new place than eat somewhere we’ve been a thousand times. Any suggestions on where to go tonight?

Happy weekend to you and yours!


  1. The Edmistons says

    We always enjoyed Costa's Mediterranean Cafe on Lorna Rd – great lamb.
    Also, the Iguana Grill on Colonial Dr just off of Lorna was another BIG favorite. It is the best Mexican food I have eaten – coast to coast! The decor is stunning in there too.

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