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Oh happy day! Mary Anneliese has started her first big girl Bible study. She’s actually two weeks into it, and she is LOVING it. A group from our church is studying Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Faith for Kids. If you are unfamiliar with Strobel, he is a graduate of Yale Law School and was legal editor for the Chicago Tribune. As an atheist, he began a two year investigation trying to disprove that Jesus existed. Through the process, he became a Christian and is now a prolific Christian writer and teacher. He has served as teaching pastor at both Willow creek Community Church and at Saddleback Valley Community Church.

So SisterGirl has started his Bible study, and MommyGirl cannot be more excited about this. You who know me know how much I love God’s word. It is life to me. I want it to be life to my children and their friends. Memorizing scripture is big, big, big at our house. You might remember this post about that very subject and this post on how to go about it. 
It is my prayer that this generation will be so dependent on God’s word that it will take top priority in their lives.
May they memorize it.
May God grant them wisdom to understand and apply it.
May it be true in their lives.
May they walk in it.
May they desire it above all things.
May they honor it at all times.
May it impact their choices.
May it direct their journeys.
May they try it and test it and find it trustworthy.
May it be their Sword of the Spirit and may they know how to wield it in battle.
May it protect, sustain, and enrich them.
May it bring down strongholds in their lives.
May it give their lives true abundance.
May it be LIFE to them.

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