McWane Madness

Yesterday we met up with our friends the Longs and the Hosches for a little fun at the McWane Science Center. We love having our Mississippi friends visit Birmingham. There are so many fun things we can get into in this city! It’s always fun to blend our Birmingham world with our Mississippi world. Shea, Enley and I had eight children between us, so it was wild and crazy and fun, fun, fun!
Most of our group went to see the Imax movie about bugs. Patterson and I were a little freaked out about seeing bugs magnified on a screen that big, so she and I hung out at the Mouse House for a while.
The Mr. Potato Head exhibit was a big hit with the kiddos. They loved putting together their spuds, and their personalities came through in a way that amused me.
This was Patterson’s… it’s wild and crazy like her.
Ian and Raif thought it was pretty cool!
Ian’s Mr. Potato head – a doctor just like Daddy! I’ve never seen Richard sport a mustache like that, but Mr. Potato Head is pulling it off pretty well.
The big girls were brave enough to try the bicycle tight rope. This thing is a lot higher than it looks on the pictures. And that net is a lot farther away than it looks. I have ridden the bicycle before and, believe me, it’s quite scary!
Raif was a little ticked that he wasn’t tall enough to ride!
These girls had so much fun spending the day together.
We have been friends with these sweet families for years. We have missed them since we moved away from them, so it was really good to hang out with them for the day. It’s good to have friends-for-life!

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