Toddler Crafty Sorty Fun

Since we’ve been recovering from our whirlwind week today, we’ve been pretty low-key at our house today. We have mostly stayed inside, taken naps, eaten goldfish and worked on some toddler projects. PattiGirl LOVES “doing schoolwork” with her older sister, so she was excited about having projects of her own.

This morning, we used Barron’s Crafty Kids book to make a few art projects. We got this book at the library, and it has worked well because the art projects are suitable for toddlers, but on every page, they have a ramped-up version for older kids. So we can both be working on the same project together.
We worked on a sorting project this afternoon with blocks from Bitty’s math manipulatives set. I wrote the color names on a sheet of card stock and had her sort the shapes onto each page. It was very easy, and she surprised me by getting it perfect on the first try. She was so proud of herself and had to go get her big sister to show off her mad sorting skillz.
Okay, so I do see that misplaced shape on that picture. She fixed that! 🙂 These were easy to do and PattiGirl loved it. She kept asking me to help her on her “pwojeck”.

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