Book #17 The Borrowers by Mary Norton

I don’t know if we are easy to please, or if we have simply chosen good literature this year. I realize that my post on every book we read says that we loved it. Perhaps it’s just that classic books become classics for a reason: they are loved. The Borrowers was our latest read-aloud book for school. It was one of the more difficult books we’ve read, but we enjoyed it just the same.

It’s the story of a family of tiny “borrowers” who live under the kitchen floor of a big house. They sneak out at night and borrow items from the “human beans” living in the house, always in danger of being “seen”. We thought it was quirky and cute, but also suspenseful and tragic.

When we finished the last chapter today, MA said, “Mom, can we get the next book in the series when we go to the library?”

Are you asking me to read yet another lively, funny classic novel to you, Little One? I think that can be arranged.

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