The Tip Top Grill

I love small town America. I love that in small town America, you can find places like the Tip Top Grill. I guess that the Tip Top is not exactly in a small town. In fact, it’s in Hoover, which is probably one of the largest cities in the state of Alabama. But it’s the kind of place that has small town character. I’m sure you have a place like it somewhere near you, if you’re lucky. 
It’s not fancy. It’s in an old gas station.
They have an outside patio, because the inside isn’t big enough to hold many tables.
They have food like this.
It sits on a bluff, so this is the view. Breathtaking, huh?
It’s the kind of local joing where you stop when you’re out for a drive. In your cute little Triumph.
And if you are lucky, you’ll get to eat with a little cutie like this.
What’s your favorite local dive?


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