Pitter Patter Fought the Stomach Virus, and the Stomach Virus Won

Poor little thing! I heard her crying this morning when it was time to get her up. I thought it was weird, because she normally wakes in such a good mood. I thought I better go in and get her right away. God love her! “Evidence” of the stomach virus was EVERYWHERE! I got her up, bathed her, and changed her clothes. I changed and washed the sheets on her bed. I washed the cover for her changing table. I sprayed Lysol on every surface that would stand still long enough. Then… we repeated it all five times!!! This must have a particularly violent strain of the stomach bug because Pitter Patter usually isn’t this sick. Please, please, please, God, don’t let the rest of us get it!!I promise I’ll be a good girl!! Jonathan has a party this weekend for his brother, who is getting married. MA and I have a mother/daughter camping trip (don’t ask…) that she has been looking so forward to. It is never a convenient time to be sick, but this weekend is REALLY not a good time. Please include us in your prayers.


  1. Hope y'all woke up to a better morning today!

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