Camp Cosby or Bust!

This weekend marked what I’m sure will be remembered as a highlight of BittyGirl’s childhood. We had our first overnight experience at camp. Camp Cosby, to be exact. She and I were there for a church retreat about missionaries in other parts of the world. The country we studied was Japan. We learned all about missionaries in Japan, the task they have before them, how few Japanese know the Lord, and how we can best support our missionaries on the field in Japan. It was a great weekend, and I’m so thankful to be part of a church that is passionate and bold about bringing the message of Jesus to the nations. These precious second graders were so excited to be there! They would not have cared what we studied, they were just excited about the Camp Cosby experience.
I mean, does this look like the quintessential camp cafeteria or what!?! The food was actually really good, but the best part was watching these girls have a ball forming a conga line.
It was a little (or a lot) crazy. They were silly and giddy and just completely eight years old!
I said a-boom chicka boom
(I said a-boom chicka boom)
I said a-boom chicka boom
(I said a-boom chicka boom)
I said a-boom chicka raka chick raka chicka boom
(I said a-boom chicka raka chick raka chicka boom)
See, I was there. I camped, and we all have photographic evidence.
BittyGirl has been roasting marshmallows in our fireplace all winter. Not exactly the same as a campfire, but we made do with what we had at the time. Needless to say, she was FIRED UP about roasting marshmallows in a real camp fire.
Lovin’ some s’mores!!!
I love this picture. What sweet friendship there is between these darling friends. They held hands and skipped the whole way back to our cabin.
She FINALLY got to sleep on a top bunk. It has been a major goal of her life. Too bad we don’t know anyone who has bunk beds. She can now happily mark that item off of her bucket list. She decided the next morning that sleeping on a top bunk was highly overrated. She got hot, man, she got hot! And the girl does not like to be hot!
They look so sweet and innocent in their pj’s. They look almost as if they are about to go to bed. They did, in fact get into their bed. But falling asleep? Not for a very looooong time!
A little game of left, right, center the next morning before breakfast. Who knew games could be so much fun at 6:30 am?
One of our projects about Japan. It was in celebration of some kind of festival or something. If you want details, you’re gonna have to give me a little more sleep.
And who dares to think that 40 degrees is too cold to go conoeing? Oh, no! Not at Camp Cosby!
Partaking in a Japanese tea ceremony.
More art activities. The girls are still all smiles. The moms were D.Y.I.N.G. by this point from lack of sleep and COLD!!!
One last group shot before we loaded the bus to come home. Still smiling!
I hope these girls will be lifelong friends. My BittyGirl has some very sweet friends who are good little girls. We are blessed!

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