Honest to Goodness, It’s More Snow

You know what we’ve had a lot of lately? Snow. Like, three or four times this year already? Snow. Guess what we got more of last night? Snow. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! Honestly, do I still live in Alabama? The Deep South? The place where, during the summer, it’s 104 in the shade?

I think the global warming debate is unraveling.  And I think those who believe in it are taking a beating right now.  You know, this guy…

And, at least in Alabama, smelling like a rose is this guy…
And these guys…
I love the look on Bubba’s face. I think he’s saying, “See, I told you so!”


  1. My brother and his wife built a snowman Friday and put a sign in his hand that said, Al Gore for President 2012. I think that was the funniest one I saw.

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