Book #17 The Fixer Upper

I love Mary Kay Andrews. Now, I will readily admit that her books are not Pulitzer winners. They will not become classic literature that future generations of school children will read. However, she is a funny Southern fiction writer who tells a good story. I have read all of her books, and The Fixer Upper is one of my favorites.

It is the story of Dempsey Killebrew, a young, beautiful law school graduate who is making a name for herself as an associate in a DC lobbying firm. Her world is upended one day when her boss is accused of bribing a senator, and Dempsey suddenly finds herself not only without a job, but also as a suspect in an FBI investigation. Unable to pay her rent, Dempsey is forced to ask her father for help. Dear old Dad has just inherited a family mansion in small town Guthrie, Georgia, population 2400. He and Dempsey work a deal for her to move to Guthrie, renovate the house, and sell it. What Dempsey finds when she arrived at Birdsong is more than she ever imagined. The house is dilapidated, and a crotchety old lady has taken up residence. Thankfully, she will have the assistance of her adorable, available young lawyer, Tee Berryhill.

What unfolds is a cute story. I recommend this book for a fun read.


  1. I found you through the "Diptacular" and I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews too!

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