School Photo Week

Darcy over at Life with my 3 Boybarians has been sponsoring a blog hop this month. It has been a ton of fun seeing how other homeschoolers do things. This week’s topic is school pictures. When you homeschool, school pictures are as varied as the activities you do in a day. Here are some of our favorites…

Meet Bitty, my seven year old. She’s beautiful, bright, easy-going, a little shy, a terrific student, a devoted and responsible big sister. She’s a perfectionist, and likes to know she will succeed at something before she is willing to try it. She likes all things artsy (dance, theater, drawing, painting, singing). She likes consistency, and change throws her for a loop. She has an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s just a joy.

And then there is Sissy. She is our wild girl. She’s daring and adventurous. Nothing gets in her way. She a charmer with her blue eyes and curly blonde hair. She’s only one year old, but she thinks she can keep up with her big sister, whom she totally adores. She’s a sweet little one.


  1. Sisterlisa says

    Adorable pictures!

  2. Love the swim goggles!

  3. Too cute!!! TFS!

  4. cute, cute, cute!!!

  5. Darcy @ m3b says

    Beautiful girls! Wishing you a great year. 🙂

  6. Weird Unsocialized Mom says

    You've got a beautiful family. It looks like your girls really adore each other.

  7. So sweet!

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