And We’re Off!

Yesterday was our first day back “in school”. (It seems like I should phrase that another way, since I’m more of the mindset that we’re always learning. But I don’t know how else to say it!) We got off to a little bit of a rocky start. We couldn’t get organized. We didn’t get much accomplished. Patterson didn’t want to take an afternoon nap, so our time was cut short. We just seemed a little scattered. We tried to make up for it today.

We started the day with Patterson sleeping late, so we were able to get math and history done before she woke. While Patterson ate breakfast, Mary Anneliese did her silent reading. By ten o’clock we were ready to head out the door for a back to school pool party. This was supposed to be a party for moms only, but when you home school, your kids get to (have to) come along. I had lots of fun seeing my Sunday school ladies. We have missed church a lot during the summer for various things, so it was good to catch up with my friends!

As soon as we walked back in the door at home, I bathed Patterson and put her to bed. She is still sleeping now (2 hours and 15 minutes so far.) I love wearing her out! Mary Anneliese has spent the afternoon outside painting and doing her Bible study.

Patterson has a new fascination with goggles. She wears them EVERYWHERE! Usually, they are just hanging around her neck, but she will occassionally put them on. See…

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