Book #6 Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

At 110 pages, this little book might seem at first an easy read. At page one you will decide it most certainly is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult books I have read in a long time. Written in 1902 from the point of view of a sailor, the language takes a while to get accustomed to. Heart of Darkness is the story of Marlowe, a sailor on what is presumed to be the Congo River. In the tale, Marlowe is retelling a story that happened in his past, the story of an expedition deep into the heart of Africa for the purpose of gathering ivory. It is the story of power, and how dark power can become when there is no accountability. The ugliness of slavery is exposed and presented in such a way as to sicken the reader, perhaps mostly due to its apathetic treatment. Is it a must read? Probably not, but it is good classic book.


  1. Hello new friend! My bookclub read this a few months back and although it was difficult and ‘dark’, I thought his writing was great! I’m proud of you for tackling the classics.

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