Christmas 2008

This was a great Christmas. I guess you can how busy we were by the fact that my last post was on December 8. We had lots of parties and get-togethers. I took Mary Anneliese back to her old school for the Christmas program. It was fabulous, as usual, thanks to Mrs. Amy. Our Sunday school class had a really fun Christmas party at the home of a fun couple in our class. Our girls’ annual dirty Santa ornament swap was a riot! Mary Anneliese’s Christmas dance program was so much fun to watch. This year the whole Mills gang was together for Christmas night, even my sweet little grandmother who just turned 85. What a treat! Of course, the highlight of our Christmas season was the birth of Jonathan David Lowe. Jon David was born on December 10th to Cecily (Jonathan’s sister) and Brad, and named after my Jonathan. Isn’t that sweet? Hope your Christmas was just as fun!

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