Tagged Again…

My sweet friend Abby has tagged me. So here are seven random/peculiar/quirky facts about me.

1. I like cold weather. For about 2 days. Then I’m done and ready to warm up. Like right now – it’s 39 degrees outside. My toes are like ice.

2. I love mid-century modern architecture. It’s just something about the clean lines and minimalism of it all. I could never live in a mid-century modern home because I have too much clutter, which totally defeats the purpose of the clean lines and minimalism.

3. When I was little, my dream job was to work at Pizza Hut. I wanted to be the one who called out the numbers when the pizza was ready. You got to talk into a microphone.

4. I would almost always rather buy something old and re-do it than buy something new. Older things have more character. I’ve never owned a house built before 1980. Maybe someday I will get tired of fixing things up, but not anytime soon. My current project is the house we bought 2 years ago. We have made a ton of progress, but still have faux-wood laminate counter tops in our kitchen. They will one day soon be fixed-up too.

5. I like to buy in bulk. I don’t know why. I hate to run out of things.

6. I’m not really a pet person. I don’t mind other people’s pets so much, I just don’t want one of my own. I have enough things around here that make noise and messes.

7. My children could not be any more different than each other. One is my twin and one is my husband’s. One has straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. The other has blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Even when they are dressed alike they don’t really look like they came from the same family. But I am crazy about both of them!

I want to know seven random facts about Julie, Amy and Amanda!


  1. Ashley! So glad you followed through with your assignment! haha! It was good to see you guys at the beach! Happy holidays!!

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