Autumn Dance

Those of you who know my little Mary Anneliese know that she is normally quiet, well-mannered, and even, at times, shy. However, when she is given a stage, she is a HAM. Every night at our home you are likely to see a show that she has written, choreographed, and starred in. You can see it in our home videos. From the time she could walk, all of our videos include hours upon hours of singing and dancing, all made up by her. “You Can Never Te-e-e-ll How Big I Am” is one of my favorites. (I didn’t say they made sense.)

Today I was sitting in the den and I heard some faraway singing. I grabbed my camera and headed out the back door. Just as I knew I would, I found her in the back yard singing at the top of her lungs, “Come on out. Don’t be a couch potato.” Over and over again. I know the neighbors loved it. And, of course, there was an accompanying dance. I’m so glad I’m her Mommy!

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