I have been tagged. You know, the blog version of “Tell 4 Things about…” Only it’s 100 things. Oh, my. Are there 100 things about me? And if I can come up with 100, are they interesting enough for anyone to read? I’ll give it a shot.

1. I am 37.
2. I graduated from Auburn with a degree in accounting.
3. I’ve never been an accountant.
4. I met my husband at church.
5. I love to sing.
6. I love to read.
7. I don’t usually like to read the same book twice.
8. I rarely go to movies.
9. I balance my checkbook to the penny.
10. I’ve never colored my hair.
11. But I have cut it myself.
12. I don’t watch soap operas.
13. I don’t watch Oprah.
14. In fact, I don’t wach a lot of TV at all.
15. I’d rather read a book.
16. I love to swing.
17. I like being outside.
18. I’m not a morning person.
19. Especially when I stay up past midnight blogging.
20. I have a Diet Mountain Dew addiction. (Maybe that’s why I’m up past midnight.)
21. I love Mexican food.
22. Chicken enchiladas with verde sauce are my favorite.
23. I really enjoy cooking and like to try new things.
24. I don’t cook Mexican food.
25. This is harder than it seems.
26. I am a certified scuba diver.
27. I haven’t dived in years.
28. I don’t know the proper conjugation of the verb “to dive” and I don’t feel like looking it up.
29. I like for my house to be neat and clean.
30. I enjoy doing laundry.
31. I do not iron.
32. I read the paper everyday.
33. I like to know what is going on in the world around me.
34. Bad grammer annoys me.
35. Especially when someone uses it in a song just because it rhymes.
36. Yes, I know I’m using it in this list.
37. Is that hypocritical?
38. I wish I did a better job of staying in touch with friends and family.
39. I wish I remembered people’s birthdays.
40. I have needed a new coffee table for years, but have never found one I wanted.
41. I am a list-maker.
42. I like to go to the grocery store.
43. I like for things to be planned.
44. Poor leadership annoys me.
45. I always participated in Bible drill when I was a child.
46. Most of the scripture I know today I learned in Bible drill.
47. I love my church.
48. I mean I really, really love my church.
49. I have always wanted to live in Nashville.
50. Wow, I’m only half way there.
51. To 100, not to Nashville.
52. I like to eat barbeque.
53. I have long hair, but I always wear it up.
54. I have always wanted to take a photography class.
55. I almost went to Samford instead of Auburn.
56. Would my life have been different?
57. I don’t like to get my hands wet.
58. Hence my disdain for cleaning dishes and bathrooms.
59. I homeschool my child.
60. I hope I don’t leave out anything important.
61. In her education, not in this list.
62. I would like to know how to sew, but I get frustrated with it.
63. I get frustrated with a lot of things I can’t do well.
64. My house is too dusty.
65. But my closet is organized.
66. So is my pantry.
67. I secretly want to stock shelves in a grocery store.
68. I’m not afraid of bad weather.
69. I like uncommon things.
70. Chicago is one of my favorite cities.
71. If I had to leave the South, I might be able to live there.
72. I hope I never have to leave the South.
73. I went to Aruba on my honeymoon.
74. That was pre-Natalie Holloway.
75. I’m going to Hawaii next year for my tenth anniversary.
76. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.
77. I have always wanted to play the violin.
78. The best job I’ve ever had was owning Fishes & Loaves.
79. I have had more lucrative jobs.
80. Money isn’t everything.
81. The last book I read was Jimmy Carter’s A Remarkable Mother.
82. Will my children say I was a remarkable mother?
83. Does my husband think I am a remarkable wife?
84. I’m not going to wake him to ask him.
85. I should be in bed.
86. I don’t have to get up early in the morning because Patterson is in Meridian and Mary Anneliese will let me sleep.
87. She is a good girl.
88. I have big expectations.
89. For myself and for other people.
90. God has not called me to mediocrity.
91. Mediocrity is boring.
92. I don’t do well when I am bored.
93. I would like to display all the fruits of the Spirit.
94. I am working on self-control and gentleness.
95. I believe in miracles.
96. I believe in abundance.
97. I believe in order.
98. I believe what God says in His Word.
99. That’s why I have big expectations.
100. For myself and for other people.

If you have hung with me to the end, consider yourself tagged.


  1. TboneEnEdieBellRaif says

    I miss you so much and I think about you every time I am in the grocery store getting milk. It’s perfect on the shelf.

    Reading your tag made me sad because I miss you. Don’t do that again. Maybe I just won’t return to your blog. 🙁


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