Beach Trip!!!

We are just back from a trip to Gulf Shores, and we had a glorious time! We spent the first few days with the Longs, our friends from Meridian at their cabin. Thanks Enley, Edie, Isabell and Raif for the fun time! After that, we went over to CC and Poppy’s house for the weekend. Jonathan took a day off work and came down also. On Saturday night, Mary Anneliese and I drove over to Pensacola to meet one of my high school friends, Ginger, and her daughter, Ellie. We went to see Seussical at the Pensacola Little Theater. They are homeschoolers, so it is always fun to swap stories and ideas with them.
And now we are back home again. We are unpacking, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. We officially start school next Monday, but we are beginning a few things this week to get back into the groove. Even though we had a great time, it’s really good to be home!

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