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At The Hill Hangout, we offer several services to our readers as well as to other bloggers and businesses. We can give your product or service great exposure through sponsored posts on our blog.

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I love trying new products, books, services, and such that we think our readers might enjoy. In order to honor the trusted relationship I have with my readers built over many years, I only review products that line up with our niche and core values. If you have a product that you believe my readers would enjoy hearing about, please shoot me an email. Sponsored posts require that you send me one of the product to use for review purposes, and if desired, an additional item to be used as a giveaway. I prefer that the vendor send the giveaway product to the winner once I have provided you with the name and mailing address. All sponsored posts include social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest if a recipe is involved. Starting price for sponsored posts is $150. This covers my time in writing, developing recipes, photographing, and promoting your post on social media. It does NOT guarantee a favorable review. If I sincerely do not like your product or believe my readers will not like it, I will contact you before posting a review to my site. I fully comply with all FCC disclosure policies regarding sponsored posts and giveaways.

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