Leopard Leopard Everywhere

If you know me in real life you know I’m a fan of leopard print. It really is leopard leopard everywhere around here. The thing is, I think leopard print is timeless and classic. It is also more of a neutral than you might originally think.

Case in point is this long leopard cardigan. Do I have to say again how much I love a long cardi? You can’t go wrong with one. This one is actually a plus size brand called Terra & Sky from Walmart. The 1X fit enough like an XL that I jumped on it. It is so soft and drapey! (And everybody loved it because it is already sold out online. So sorry! I’ll keep a watch to see if they restock.) I paired it with the white Time and Tru tee (for $4 and some change), only available online in a two-pack. And the black high waisted jeans make another appearance.

This is one of those looks that was a little more toned-down in my head, but when I got it on I realized I don’t have the nerve to wear it. I LOVE the individual pieces, but for me it’s too much all together. I would definitely wear the faux leather moto jacket with a white tee and jeans. (This jacket looks soooo much better in person than on Walmart.com!!) I like the look of the red tee with the leopard. Leopard is such a neutral, so don’t be afraid to wear it with color. The leopard pants are a definite (also not available online right now. I’ll post the link when they are back in stock.), as are the black heels. These black heels are also from the Time and Tru line, and they are really comfortable and have great support. Very surprising for a $15 dress shoe.

And with one quick change, this becomes an outfit I really would wear to work. All I did was switch out the moto jacket for a Time and Tru black cardigan.

And lastly, my soccer mom look takes it up a notch with this cute leopard tee for $8.44. I paired it with the same black jeans, a heather grey long cardi for less than $15, and the Time and Tru black quilted sneakers for $15.

Hope you like these looks. And thanks for using our affiliate links to shop. We big puffy heart you for it.

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