Time and Tru Plaid Top

OK, guys. Fashion posts are super out of my comfort zone, but you guys are asking for it, so here goes. I ran into Walmart the other day because I heard they had a really cute line of women’s apparel called Time and Tru. Y’all, it’s for real. They have super cute things that are very well made, and low prices as well. The first thing I want to show you is four ways to wear the Time and Tru Plaid Top. (In case you pop over to the Walmart site and think it doesn’t look as cute, be assured. It looks much better in person than on their website.)

This one comes in two color options: winter white and spiced cider. In these photos I’m wearing the winter white, but in a later post I’ll show you a few ways to style the spiced cider. The price on this one is $14.88.

First of all, it’s August and still hot as blue blazes in Alabama. We are going to be in shorts for a while yet. So even though the Time and True Plaid Top is a fall-ish item, I want to show you how you can begin wearing it now. I’ve paired the Time and Tru Plaid Top with a pair of black shorts and a pair of cute simple black sandals, also from the Time and Tru line (not available online).

For a little dressier look, I paired it with a pair of Time and Tru wide leg cropped jeans ($18.74 and the legs are much wider in person than what the website shows). I also really like the Time and Tru peep toe boots in cognac ($19.98). In case you’re wondering if a $20 pair of boots can be comfortable, I am very pleasantly surprised at the comfort and support these boots offered.

I wanted to try it with a skinny leg jean and wedges, so I chose my favorite AE jeans and my coral Target wedges.

And as the weather begins to cool off and we can actually wear fall clothes, I like this look. Black Time and Tru sweater (great length, comes in 4 neutral colors, and is $13.96). Black Time and Tru high rise jeans ($16.87 and I think they run a bit small, so size up). And Time and Tru ankle strap boots in brown ($24.98).

Does it need to be said that I’m a fan of the tuck? I think we can all see that, right?

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