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Y’all, I can hardly believe it, but The Hill Hangout has hit its 1000th post!! I had no idea when I started this family blog 9 years ago to show baby pictures to our family that it would grow into anything.

But for God.

I’m still a little overwhelmed that so many of you come to this corner of the internet everyday to read the words we write. I pray they will always be God’s words, not my own. I pray that through my fingers on the keyboard, He will encourage you, teach you, uplift you, inspire you, disciple you, discipline you, help you, and speak His message of love, redemption, salvation, and light to you. I am beyond grateful that He allows me the privilege of meeting you here. To Him be glory now and forever.

All my love,


  1. Hello Ashley, I was a actually trying to leave a comment for you for the article you wrote. “Miracle Cure for Eczema” but I couldn’t :(. I just wanted to say I am so thankful to God that I came across your article last night. Your daughter experience suffering from eczema sounds just like my little 20 month old son. Everything you described about it is him and how I feel and everything me and my husband tired! Noting absolutely noting works. After reading about Apple cider vinegar I couldn’t wait for the store to open to go buy and try it on my son. I pray to God it works. He woke up screaming last night from Itching bloody sheets again. And I just said Lord I can’t do it anymore I need god help and guidance to show me what to do. I can’t watch my little boy suffer anymore and tear his skin up. And I found YOU! So happy and thankful:). I hope your Daughters eczema I am doing better. It feels good to have people like you understand what it’s like to have a child with it and it’s not easy. I feel like I’m being judged a lot and people don’t understand. I went to the doctor yes I did blood test for allergies for ny son. Yes I did try to change is diet made no difference. Same thing. It’s hard when you don’t have support besides my husband who says I’m doing an amazing job and God sees and will help us. I know that our Lord has the healing power for anything. And I hope and pray this is an answer to my sons eczema. God bless you and your beautiful family!!!

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