Prayer for the New Year

Prayer for the New Year from

One of my favorite prayer resources is The Lutheran Book Of Prayer (affiliate link). Though I am not Lutheran, I have prayed many prayers from this little book. It has prayers for specific days of the week, holidays, life events like the birth of a baby or a new home, as well as prayers for specific people like pastors, children, spouse, or world leaders. As 2016 is just beginning, it is timely to share with you their prayer for a new year.

It is on account of Your mercy alone, O Lord, that I am not consumed, because Your compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. Abide with me, O God, throughout the coming year. Be my guide in all my perplexities, my strength in my weakness, my ever-ready help in all my troubles.

Forgive me all my sins. O Sabaoth Lord, look down from heaven and in grace behold and visit Your holy Church, which You have chosen for Your own. Preserve for us Your saving Word and Sacraments, that Your vine may send out its boughs from sea to sea and its branches to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Look graciously upon our nation and all the nations of the world, and bless them with peace. Grant to all that are in authority wisdom and courage to rule in such a way that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.

To You, almighty Creator and gracious God, I commit this nation, my church, my family and loved ones, and myself. Abide with me. With Your grace and mercy preserve me whole—soul and body—blameless to the coming of my Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray 2016 brings you much joy, peace, and love, my dear readers.


  1. Tamara p. says

    Just stopping by to say “Hi” as I found your site while searching more about eczema. (Yeah, battled it for 47 yrs. myself and finally became home bound due to it all in 2010..ugh. I was teaching; so decided to try a website.) Anyhow, I noticed some common ground and I also have prayed some of these same prayers this year!^ PS I looked around your site and noticed your Alabama food recommendations, 🙂 so I assume you’re from there. We just had a wedding in Tallapoosa, back in Oct., for my daughter who moved to GA a few years back. (I wrote about it on my site if you’re interested.) Blessings, Tammy (from Indiana)

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