And… We’re Off!

I guess you can tell by my impromptu, albeit unintended, blogging hiatus that school and fall activities are back in full swing around The Hill Hangout. We started our 7th (!!!) year of homeschooling last week, and we have littles in 7th and 1st grades. I never really intended to make a career of homeschooling, but we are so blessed to have been able to enjoy the lives of our children for the last 7 years. It has been a gift to be their teacher for both school subjects and the subjects of life. Because of homeschooling, we have the gift of TIME with them. I thank God for knowing this was the best path for my children before I was convinced. His ways are most definitely higher than our ways.

We have started back to ballet, acro, pointe, and soccer. The girls are fortunate to have classes they enjoy and friends, coaches, and teachers they love. Until you have children, you don’t quite have an appreciation for kind, caring adults who are in places of authority and influence over kids. But when it’s your kid that they’re influencing, you totally love them for leading your kids in the right direction.

Wednesday night church activities started back last night, and we are gearing up for a terrific year of growing in the Lord and in His word. Both of my girls will have the opportunity to be involved in choirs where they will praise and worship Christ. They will both be taught by sweet teachers who want them to know God and His ways. My big girl will have community in a small group, where I know she will thrive in her walk with the Lord. I love the accountability she will have and be able to give in a small group.

While this summer has had its challenges for both Jonathan and me, we are confident that the Lord directs our steps. We are excited about another year of community with our Sunday school class and our soccer families. We still crack up at the sheer goodness of God that He would give us a group of soccer parents who are as much our spiritual community as our church is. He has gifted us with godly families that inspire and encourage us and are the kind of parents we strive to be. I can’t tell you how thankful we are that since we spend four days a week with these families, that they are the kind of people we really want to be around! Iron sharpens iron.

I hope your fall is shaping up to be one of the best ever. No doubt, if you look for the things that are wrong, you will find them. But if you look for the joys, the happiness, and the bright spots, you will find those as well. Happy fall, y’all!

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