Catching Up

We have been in full summer mode around here. So much so that I haven’t had much time to post lately. I figured I at least owed you a few Instagram shots of what we’ve been up to.

MA did the Created For a Purpose camp again this year. We ADORE this camp! It’s all about how God created girls for His purpose, and He uses their interests in painting, crafting, cooking, sewing, etc to glorify Himself.


While big sis was in camp, little sis and I walked a lot of miles on the nature trails around town. She was a trooper!

Walking Trail

We spent some time at my parents’ house at the beach. We swam in the bay, swam at the pool, and swam in the ocean.


Our dear friends who live in southeast Asia came home for a visit. They have been there a year and have a year left. MA has missed her friend so much, so we were ecstatic to see them!


My big girl has been growing out her hair for Locks of Love. I’ll admit, it has not been easy. She has really had a hard time keeping up with hair that long, and she and I have both wanted to cut it a thousand times. But when we remembered the little one that would be wearing that hair, we quickly decided it was worth it. It finally got long enough to be cut, so we did the honors this week. She is loving her new ‘do!


Several of our local parks have been having movie nights. This week I took the girls and a friend to see Madagascar. It was cute, but we ended up leaving before it was over because it was just TOO HOT, as in 91 degrees at 9:30 pm. I’ll bet your local park or library has events like outdoor movies. If you won’t sweat to death, you should take advantage of them. They are fun!


Little Bit is a thumb sucker from way back. She was sucking her thumb in her ultrasound picture when I was pregnant with her. After she was born, it only took her a few weeks for that thumb to find her mouth, and she hasn’t missed a day since. But now that her permanent teeth are coming in, it’s time to give it up. I took her to the orthodontist this week so he could put her on his program to get her to stop sucking her thumb. She had a terrific experience, and she has done unbelievably well! She forgets every once in a while, but for the most part, she is thumb-free!


I took some time to clean out the school room. I knew we had a few books we could get rid of, but I really had no idea how many. As it turns out, we have TONS. I spent the better part of an afternoon listing books on I have already sold three books, so I am quite pleased that I finally got on this project.

school room

What have y’all been up to lately?

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