Visual Latin: A Homeschool Curriculum Review

When Kathryn from Compass Classroom contacted me about reviewing Visual Latin, it was an easy sell. We’ve used Visual Latin for years, so I’m happy to receive our next level of it just for telling you about it. 🙂 Since I don’t speak Latin and have never studied it, I am dependent on a good curriculum to be able to teach Latin to my children. We’ve tried a couple of different curricula, and each one had benefits, but Visual Latin is the one we have stuck with for the long haul.

Visual Latin is a video and worksheet based curriculum from veteran Latin teacher Dwayne Thomas. Dwayne is funny and silly, so my daughter looks forward to watching the videos. His approach is that immersion is the best way to learn Latin, and so from the very beginning he has students listen to Latin readings as he interprets for them. He also believes that students learn Latin better when they read it instead of memorizing it, so each lesson has a Bible story in Latin.

Visual Latin

Dwayne believes that kids stay engaged better when they are taught in short spurts and when they achieve small successes along the way. Therefore each video lesson is short, lasting only around 10 minutes. He weaves new vocabulary and grammar into each lesson, so that by the end of the week, students can read an entire story in Latin.

If you’d like to try out Visual Latin before buying, Dwayne offers a free download of seven lessons to get you started. My guess is that once you get started, you’ll be using Visual Latin for years, just like we are.

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