At The Hill Hangout, we talk a lot about how to update furniture with paint. It’s kind of our schtick. But not every piece of furniture needs to be painted. I come across pieces all the time that just need a good cleaning and polishing to be brought back to life. Often times, people overlook these pieces because they can’t see past the dust and grime, but with a little help, these pieces often have beauty just below the surface. In fact, I bet you have some pieces of furniture around your house right now that have lost their luster to you. You might have even considered replacing them with something newer or more trendy. But I bet that if you spent a little elbow grease on them, you’d fall in love all over again. When I find these pieces of furniture, Restor-A-Finish is my go-to to bring back the lost beauty.


My mom introduced me to Restore-A-Finish, which she has been using for years to keep her wood pieces looking their best. She had given me an old dining room table and chairs years ago that began to show their age. We applied a coat of Restore-A-Finish, and the beautiful color of the natural grain reappeared. I freshen up the top of the table every few months with Restore-A-Finish, and it keeps my table in great shape.


The other day I came across a gorgeous set of six antique chairs at the thrift store. They were dusty and grimy, with terribly dated and dirty fabric on the seat cushions. But they were solidly built, had a great classic style, and I could envision that they only needed a little Restore-A-Finish to bring out their beauty.


The right side of this photo shows the “before” condition of the chairs. They were in pretty rough shape. The left side shows the “after.” With only a little Restore-A-Finish rubbed into the wood, the natural grain of the wood showed through. I was quite happy with how these chairs looked when I was finished with them.


I realize this probably sounds like a sponsored post that Restore-A-Finish paid me to write, but it is not. I really just love this product because it has saved me from getting rid of “worn out” pieces of furniture. It is available at Home Depot and Lowe’s or by following the Amazon affiliate link above.

Do you have a piece of furniture you think can be revived with Restore-A-Finish? I’d love to hear about it.

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