I’ll Title This One “Brain Dump”

Y’all. I’m not really sure how it’s already November 21st and I have only posted one time this month. Not only have we been B.U.S.Y., but I have also had a bit of writer’s block. If you ever doubted that that was a real thing, I’m here to tell you that it is REAL. But sometimes you just have to push through and make yourself write, even if it isn’t your best material ever. I guess I say that to say that this post might just be more for me than it is for you. A sort of brain dump to clear the pathways for “real” ideas to flow again. And because this space is as much a scrapbook for me as it is a place for me to talk to you, I want to mark down a few things so that I don’t forget…

1. My oldest daughter was baptized two weeks ago. It ranks among my wedding day and the day my children were born as one of the best days of my life.

2. My little Pitter Patter had a birthday last week. Can’t believe that sweet girl is 6!! She celebrated with a ballet birthday party. Her big sister gathered a few friends to teach the little ones a ballet dance. It was kinda my favorite.

3. I traveled to Nashville with the Freeset team to sell merchandise at the Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum. It was my first time at Lifeway HQ, and we were treated to an awesome time of worship with Travis Cottrell, followed by amazing Bible teaching from Vicki Courtney, Margaret Feinberg, Angela Thomas, and Esther Burroughs. There are so many truths tucked away in my heart from their talks. And I reconnected with many friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.

4. I was asked today by a local ministry to help them with a very cool project. More details coming soon, but I so appreciate how God has allowed me to do some really fun things in His kingdom lately.

5. As I’m writing this, my husband is sitting at the kitchen table working away on his computer. He has been up since 5:00 this morning, and now he is working late into the night. Im not sure how that man does what he does. And yet, he’s not complaining one bit. Just patiently typing away at whatever he’s working on. Keeping on keeping on so that the girls and I can do our thing everyday. He’s a keeper.

6. I have tried several new recipes lately, all in an attempt to share something new with you. They’ve all been less than stellar. Tonight’s Pasta with Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce and Scallops was so bad we threw it in the trash. I really want a good recipe for spicy tomato cream sauce, but I’m 0-2 so far.

7. The girls and I have had a good run finding pieces at the thrift stores lately. We have purchased about seven new pieces to refurbish. Two sold the day we finished them. It feels really, really good to be using a little creativity after not being able to paint for a while.

8. We traveled to Arab, Alabama, last weekend for a soccer game. To get from Birmingham to Arab you have to travel quite a few back roads. There are some funny sights on Alabama back roads. The drive-in movie/wedding venue ranks high on my list of funniest sights ever. Wish I’d known about it 15 years ago.

9. I’m struck everyday by how much this world needs more kindness. There are a lot of people pushing for their way and looking out for themselves only. Shouldn’t we be known by our kindness? Gentleness, too. We need more gentleness. And joy. You know what? We just need more fruit of the Spirit all the way around.

My OCD is telling me I need a #10, but I’m ready to go lie in my bed and watch 30 Rock on Netflix. Night, y’all.

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